How to Install a Range Hood for Your Kitchen


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Most, if not all, are not so familiar with installing kitchen equipment and its essential parts at home. One of these pieces of equipment is the range hood, which is a staple to all kitchens. below in this article, we will cover the Install a Range Hood for Your Kitchen.

Install a Range Hood for Your Kitchen
Install a Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Range hoods are often attached at the top of a stove whose primary purpose is to expel unwanted elements that will eventually make the kitchen untidy and gross, such as airborne grease, heat, smoke, fumes, and many more. These things are eliminated by the evacuation of the air and through the filtration systems facilitated by the fans attached to it. 

The real question is, how do you actually install it in your kitchen? 


  • Know the dimensions

In order to choose the right range hood, you should ensure the details of its dimensions first. Nevertheless, choosing a good range hood is crucial in achieving good ventilation equipment for your kitchen. What makes an ideal range hood? 

  • Larger or having a size or dimensions that are enough to cover the entire stovetop: This is important because the goal is to absorb as many byproducts coming from the stove. Thus, the larger the range hood, the better. For more specific information, it’s best to research all about range hood dimensions so you can get more in-depth guidance.
  • CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. This is a unit of measurement that pertains to the capacity of the range hood to vent air per minute. The high CFM, the better because this only implies that the range hood could pull more. 
  • The right spot and the compatibility are key. Make sure that when you install the range hood, it will vent on the right portion of the kitchen. That means that it should expel whatever it expels at the right place. This can only be achieved when the vent pipes are attached compatibly to each other.
  • Cover,  fan,  and filter of the range hood should be disassembled.

Start with removing the filters. Then unscrew the duct connector. Lastly, remove the perforated duct knockout from the back portion of the hood. For this step, you would need to have a screwdriver (plotted style) and a hammer. But by doing this you should be careful so as to not remove the metal surrounding the knockout. 

 Switch off any electrical circuits so that no short circuits will harm you. 

Preparing the Vent on the Vented Hoods

  1. On most new range hoods, manufacturers provide a template that will guide you where to make the hood cutouts on your cabinet or wall. 
  2. Make a cutout for the vent. Use the drill to form the shape of your cutout. 
  3. Should you encounter obstacles while cutting out, you should work them out. 
  4. Install applicable duct out to effectively vent out all those fumes, steam greases, etc. 

Installation Of The Range Hood

  1. Put marks intended for the screws and for the necessary cables. 
  2. Drill the brackets as well as the screws into the wall or cabinet. When you deal with an existing cabinet, drill halfway while on new ones, drill wholly. 
  3. See if everything is aligned — ductwork and holes of the vent hood. After ensuring that, tighten the screws.
  4. Connect the cables or wires necessary to activate. 
  5. Reattach the filter tools as well as the grease guards. 
  6. Reset power and see if the fan and light work. 

That’s it! Your guide to installing a range hood. Once you complete this task successfully, you’ll definitely have an improved kitchen experience.

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