How To Promote NFT Art?


Non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) are a popular new investment opportunity on the Internet. These unique images exist mostly in the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain, which means that you can buy and sell NFTs in exchange for Ethereum. Let’s find out how to promote NFT art?

Ways to Promote Your NFTs for Success

Like cryptocurrency, the NFT market is very unstable; most investors hope to get NFT which they can turn into profit. Others genuinely like the art and even do it on their social media profiles. Let’s look at simple ways how to promote NFT project to the market and find your target audience, who knows perfectly what NFT is and is willing to invest a certain amount of money in NFT.

Creating and Developing a Community

Even though the audience already knows a lot about how to promote NFT, you need to know how to work with it – to create, first of all, an active community that will not only want to buy your products but will promote them for free.

The main sources of traffic, where the most information on the subject is – Discord and Twitter. In Telegram, such activity is not observed. The first app is generally a masthead in the crypto industry. So, get ready to understand it in detail, learn how to configure bots, find moderators, etc. Read also about top NFT marketing agencies.


Unlike Instagram/Tiktok and similar social networks, it is not necessary to have an audience of millions. It’s a very narrowly focused niche.

Giveaway, contests

Among NFT collections it’s all much easier: likes, retweets, hashtags + mention a few friends on Twitter. You can also do subscriptions on Discord. Of course, there are more complex tasks, not just likes/subscriptions, which are already included when there is a certain audience to work with, and there may be a little more winners.

One of the current trends is to recruit a group of users for “presales” to guarantee that people can buy NFT without “gas wars” (commissions in the ether network for a single purchase can range from 50 and up to several hundred dollars).

Communication and participation

How to promote your NFT: There’s nothing particularly original about this, it’s clear from the title. You need to actively hang out among crypto-enthusiasts and NFT-collectors – unsubscribe to their social networks, make useful online friends, like, comment, and so on.

Also, you should be active on the same services for selling NFTs (OpenSea, etc.), keep abreast of the latest news/trends, subscribe to thematic pubs and groups. The only thing – is do not spam. You can get yourself blocked because of this and spoil your reputation at the same time.


Before you sell NFT you MUST have an audience, which means

  • you’ve shown your audience what you plan to do;
  • got their feedback = their wallet number;
  • The volume of those willing is what you’re satisfied with in terms of the value of your NFT (which your customers who left their wallets know).

All three points should work at the same time. You don’t even have to do the NFT yet until you get the buyers together in advance.

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