How to Transform Advertising and Graphic Design through AI?


Every time you see a personalized ad on a browser, it’s courtesy of AI. AI has rapidly changed the way ads are created and delivered to you. 

AI helps you make smarter marketing decisions by providing you with unlimited historical data. The main functionality of AI in advertising is to create a more personalized experience. And it is happening. 

The following image shows the application of AI in marketing. 

Speed of design creation

Everyone has had the slightly-uncanny experience of thinking of a product and seeing an ad for it minutes later. This is only the beginning of what AI can do. 

Read on to know more about how to transform advertising and graphic designing through AI. 

How to use AI in Advertising 

1. Ad creation

Wouldn’t it be easy to just input your requirements and the ad gets automatically made? 

AI makes this possible. You can just input your business goals and the specific requirements for the ad. The program will analyze your past ad performance, user engagement, and other metrics across various platforms. Based on the findings, it will give you the “ideal” ad. 

An analysis of AI-powered on-site searches shows that artificial intelligence can increase conversion rates by about 216%. The same success can be extrapolated to an AI-created advertisement as well. Even if not to the same success levels, you will notice that an AI ad will have better results. 

The following infographic shows the extent to which AI is being used in marketing and advertisement. 

AI in Advertising

2. Performance optimization

This is perhaps the best application of AI in advertising. Though humans can read and analyze performance metrics, we may miss out on certain key points. However, an AI algorithm will not overlook the small details. 

AI algorithms can instantly analyze how ads are performing across different platforms. It can analyze what tactics are working on which platform. It will also tell you how you can improve your performance. 

AI will make you aware of issues that you don’t even know exist. So it can effectively point out the gaps in your marketing efforts and help you fill them. 

3. Audience-targeting

AI algorithms can do a thorough analysis of your customers. It will then help you identify the right customers to target in your next marketing campaign using your key performance indicators. 

Then, the algorithm can automatically implement the recommendations. It will bid on your behalf and ensure that you secure the bid. 

With proper audience targeting, you can boost your sale volume and get a better return on your ad spend. 

Benefits of using AI in Advertising

1. Save money & time

What 5 marketing executives can do in 2 days, AI can do in the blink of an eye. And this is one of the main advantages that you gain from using AI in advertising. 

This, in turn, will help you save money on the resources spent for market analysis. So ultimately, you can boost your sales, since your conversions will increase, though you spend less. 

2. Improving Customer Experience

AI is constantly observing consumer behavior and purchasing styles. The tool will help you understand what your customer wants in a product or service. 

Then, you can project those wants in your advertising and help maximize the conversion rate. 

Applications of AI in Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic design, AI is useful in testing and pushing the boundaries. Algorithms can easily come up with complicated and unique designs that may not strike a human’s mind. 

1. Speed of design creation

Speed is the main advantage of working with AI. Anything you need to do gets done at break-neck speed. 

For example, AI can produce hundreds of variations of designs in a fraction of the time it would take humans to create artwork. And with variety, you have the liberty of nitpicking and choosing the best. 

An important point to note here is that AI works best in tandem with humans. AI still needs humans to set criteria and limits. You can hire a graphic designer in India to get the task done. 

The following image shows how two different AI graphic designers reacted to human inputs. 

Speed of design creation

And it’s hard to identify the differences between a graphic created by a human and that created by a machine. So there will be no change in the mindset of your customers. 

2. Color and font psychology 

There is a large study behind how colors are perceived by humans. And because of this, the effect a specific color has on a person’s impression of your brand is massive. 

If you use AI to design your advertisement, then you won’t have to worry about color theory. The algorithm will appropriately select colors and font faces depending on the impression you want to create. 

But graphic designers need not worry. Their jobs aren’t at stake. AI still needs input from humans to complete its job. And with repeated use of AI for graphic designing, there may come a situation where all design mock-ups lack originality. This is where human intervention becomes vital.

The era of AI is here and it is time advertisers harnessed the power of AI for what it is.

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