Importance Of Education


Education is very important nowadays. Success looks different now than it did in the past.  Now everything has become so fast that if even the person of the 19Th century became alive today, he will not recognize this smart and fast world. Progress has made so fast that bicycles have taken the place of horses, cars have taken place of bicycles and now, you can travel from one part of the world to another in hours which was impossible before 100 years ago. The world is mortal but man’s life has become so advance that he enjoyed everything in his thirties. This is how education has taken the place of ignorance and poverty has taken the place of hunger. 

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        Even though some parts of the word are still progressing where people live from hand to mouth, where bloodshed is common, where people are living life under standard facilities but most of the countries have realized now that education is important for their future. China, Japan are the examples of nation who build themselves and rose in the word like a shining star as there was time when both of these was developing countries. 

       Similarly, like education, living style has also changed. Technology plays important role in changing this world and making it so fast . Technology where brings easiness in the life of human rather it also urge man to spread fear in the world. Now, some of the countries have bombs and advanced weapons that they threat other under developing countries and ruling the world. 

Unfortunately, most students continue to be educated in the same way as they were in the past, being taught a standardized curriculum through rote learning and individualized testing, at a one-size-fits-all pace. Far too many students are struggling to learn because they are disengaged and lack motivation. Why go to school when you could learn the same information faster by watching a YouTube video or playing a computer game? Why memorize facts for a test when you have all the information in the palm of your hand anyway? Past methods make little sense to today’s students who learn and think differently, and they make little sense in relation to the changing workplace, where making use of information is now far more valuable than simply knowing things  

While on the other hand technology has also advantages as well. It has made man’s life so easy that now man can talk to each other if he is even far away or thousands of miles away from another man and this is possible only due to the advancement of technology. In this world of advancement different fields have different scope but content writing ( Writing) is the only way through a man can cover miles of progress as who will read, will become leader tomorrow as it is said that, “Today readers are tomorrow leaders”. This shows the importance of writing and reading. Writing is a skill through you can not only impress others but also educate, tell them knowledge, share any skill, and many more. 

So, we should take care of it and take advantage of all the facilities near us which are available to us. It will not only help us to educate ourselves but also increase the morals of young fellows of our nation which will then work hard for the progressing of their country.  

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