The instruments to TikTok video download with no logo and caption


Every minute the number of users of the social platform is growing. Millions of people of all ages have already discovered how to shoot different content, and add special effects and music to their clips. It only requires a few minutes to shoot videotapes and publish them. And although the developers allow not only publishing files, but also saving them on their electronic devices, they mark all content with a special marker in the form of an animated logo. Therefore, more and more often many people question whether it is possible to bypass this limitation. There are several methods to remove the TikTok caption from recordings. Let’s consider them all and you can pick the most suitable for yourself.

Web service (available for computers and smartphones)

A good example of an online web service to get recordings quickly is Bigbangram. It is obtainable complimentary without registration. And your identity is kept private, the author of the clip will never know that you saved it. 

  • For  TikTok, video download follow the link savetiktok in the web browser of your tablet or PC.
  • In the main field, paste the link to the recording you are planning to keep.
  • In less than 30 seconds you will see the ready file at the lower part of the screen.

Telegram bot (available for iPhone and Android mobile devices)

  • For this method, you will have to install (if it is not already done) the Telegram messenger. 
  • First, follow the link to the bot (for example, ttsavebot). After clicking on the link, press the “Start” button and choose the language (it is widely popular among Russian-speaking audiences).
  • The bot will ask for a link to a content that you want to get without a watermark.
  • Then open the TikTok app, and select the desired file (select share and link).
  • In the dialogue window with the bot in Telegram, insert a link to the video from TikTok. In the response text, you receive an offer to subscribe to the news feed, which you can ignore. As well as your mp4 already without a watermark plus an audio bonus – a track from this clip.

If you have an Android smartphone, you may keep the necessary recording by clicking “…” → “Save to Downloads” or “Save to Gallery” (“Save to Music” for audio). If you have an iPhone, expand the clip to full screen, at the bottom left, click Share and Save to photo stream.

Mobile App (available only for Android phones)

  • Find and install the “Download video from TikTok – no watermark” app in the Google Play Store.
  • Open it by clicking on the desktop icon that appears.
  • In the field for entering the link, insert the link to the TT from which you want to remove the inscription. Click the “Save” button.
  • MP4s without a watermark will be automatically saved to your gallery.

So to summarize, we introduced you to three tools that allow you to easily save files from TikTok without a watermark. Although the choice is up to everyone, for me the most convenient is Bigbangram because you do not need to install any additional software and you can save clips regardless of whether you are working on a computer or have applications open on your smartphone. In addition, if you do not use Telegram in your daily life to communicate with friends, then it does not make sense to install this software for the sake of a chatbot. This method is popular among Russian-speaking audiences but may be inconvenient for residents of English-speaking countries. 

Also, when you use a web service in a browser, you always have the freedom to access that site whenever you want. No need to create an account and come up with a complex password to register. It’s simple, free, and without obligation. You don’t have to worry about copyright because every TikTok user posts content to get famous. When you download these tapes and distribute them, you make the author even more famous. But do not use these files for commercial purposes without the consent of the author. If you represent a big brand and want to collaborate with a blogger or influencer, you should take care of the legal side and sign the appropriate contract.

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