Detailed iPad Mini Specs


 iPad Mini Specs

Considering a gift before the holiday season catches us by surprise? Do you have a child that enjoys using technology, and want to help him or her expand their knowledge?

It’s never too soon or late to purchase an Apple iPad mini for yourself, your child, or someone interested in an Apple product that’s not a cell phone. There are key features the iPad mini holds, regarding detailed specs and configurations, that place it higher than any other Apple device.

The iPad Mini

The compact lifestyle is the way to go these days. Even though we desire a widescreen phone with HD visuals and sound quality, the iPad mini holds more usage than a regular iPhone.

The Apple iPad Mini is thinner, lighter, and has great compatibility with the Apple Pencil. The mini also holds a longer battery life, sitting at 10 to 12 hours tops, allowing you to use it nearly all day and/or night.

Is it common for artists to use an iPad Mini?

Yes, due to the compact screen and highly versatile, this device allows artists to create dynamic art without major setbacks. Additionally, it has almost four times the internal storage, kicking many phones and laptops to the curb.

Full specs of an Apple iPad Mini

Getting down to business, the iPad Mini contains wonderful features and specs that every person should consider before purchasing.


The display on the iPad Mini sits at almost eight inches in diameter. This allows you to stream most of your videos, surf the internet comfortably, and play games that require a larger screen.

In addition to the screen size, the Mini also adjusts the brightness according to your surroundings. For example, if you’re sitting outside reading or working on a project, the iPad Mini will use anti-reflective coating, offering a true-tone detail along with the sharp text. The true tone adjusts white balance, bringing pictures and text to life under any type of light.

Security and Privacy

While purchasing technology is fun, security and having top-notch privacy is important to each customer. Most Apple products use Touch ID to properly secure the device.

Also, using the Touch ID feature on your Apple iPad Mini, you can make secured and convenient purchases with a quick tap of your finger. Neat right? No more lengthy passwords or trying to remember your four-digit pin.

Video Recording

The Apple iPad Mini has 1080p HD video recording with video stabilization and face detection. While recording your desired video, you can tap the screen gently to focus your camera, increasing visual quality.

Streaming Videos and Audio Playback

As we mentioned before, it is possible to stream videos and play HD games on your iPad Mini. It allows video mirroring and out support, up to 720p through Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Plus, the audio playback supports AAC, Protected AAC from the iTunes Store, MP3, Audible, and WAV.

Exceptional Performance

The iPad Mini uses an A12 Bionic chip with an amazing level of power and intelligence. The device focuses on live machine learning to recognize your input patterns, language, and learn from touching experience. The iPad Mini also allows you to engage with console-level graphics with minimal delayed loading.

 iPad Mini Specs


Whether you’re curious about the iPad Mini or want to freshen up with the Apple specs, it’s neat to know that there’s a device that can deliver more than what it is advertised for. Consider moving forward with the Mini, whether you’re a gamer, writer, or a Netflix binge-watcher. You will not be disappointed!

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