How to Keep your Photos Organized on Your Mac


Keeping things organized is crucial for several reasons and so do photos on your Mac. You don’t want to spend hours looking for that favorite or urgent photo to view, send or edit. It can even prove costly especially if you are handling a very crucial or sensitive task. Irrespective of the urgency or nature of the task, getting your photos organized is the best way to keep your workflow & experience streamlined. In this article, we are going to share some of the best tips on how to keep your photos organized on your Mac.

Keep your Photos Organized on Your Mac

Create Manual or Smart Albums

Now, iOS and Mac users have Apple’s Photos app as their default photo access service. You will often find your album photos already curated and organized in terms of screenshots, Bursts, and Live Photos among others. You can also view your photos on the main screen based on the time taken say a year, month, or days. However, you can create your own album and dictate how you want to organize your photos. You can either create a static album or a smart album. For static albums, you add photos manually whereas for smart albums, photos are automatically added to respective albums based on the event triggers you designated. 

Create Shared Albums

If you want to seamlessly share your photos with friends, colleagues, or family members, the best approach is to create a shared album. Leverage services like iCloud storage service and invite them to view these photos on their devices. 

Delete Duplicate Photos

Having duplicate photos simply eats unnecessary memory space on your Mac. You want to preserve space and avoid starving your disk of space. You might have unknowingly imported the same photos to a different drive or copied them to another location within your Mac. If you are having dozens of photos on your Mac, locating duplicate photos can be quite hectic. Fortunately, there is an effective way to do it. With a dedicated duplicate photo delete app, you can seamlessly scan and get rid of them. It will help keep your Mac organized & neat.

Leverage photo organizing apps

Many people tend to organize their photos manually. However, it can prove hectic if you have many photos on your Mac. Fortunately, there are several photo management software in the market that can massively transform how you organize your photos. With such tools, you reduce the risk of fixing damaged macOS photos library because your photo management is tremendously improved.  Shop around and find a proper photo management tool. Make sure the software is user-friendly, easy to use, pocket-friendly, and is effective. 

Group your Albums in Folders

Creating albums is one thing and organizing albums is another thing. Once you have created folders for your photos, it is a good practice to organize these folders for easier navigation and identification. For example, if you have several folders for individual friends, you can simply create a folder for friends and put all the friends’ albums there. 

Wrap up

There are several benefits of keeping your photos organized on your Mac. The good news is that the several plausible ways of keeping your photos organized are a no-brainer. Just leverage the ways highlighted above and transform how you organize your photos on Mac. 


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