The Best Free Keylogger for Android that Runs on a Mobile Phone


It never ceases to amaze me how quickly technology changes. When I was a kid, cell phones were huge and they didn’t even have touch screens! Nowadays, kids are on their phones 24/7 and it’s hard to keep up with what they’re doing. If you’re worried about your child’s safety or just want to know more about what they do online, then the Best Free Keylogger for Android is perfect for you! Snoopza keylogger runs on mobile devices so it can be installed anywhere without anyone knowing. Best of all? It’s free!

Hackers are more advanced than ever. They can turn your computer into a keylogger for Android that runs on a mobile phone to steal your personal information, passwords, and even keystrokes. It’s important to make sure you are protected against these threats. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

What is the function of the phone spy software?

Keylogger for Android

Snoopza is an app that you can download for free. It lets you find out what someone is doing on their phone without having to be in the room with them.

The app will show what is happening on the phone. It can do many things.

This keylogger for Android can also be used to monitor any other online activity on the monitored phone.

When you install Snoopza keylogger, it starts working in stealth mode (invisibly) and allows you to monitor all incoming messages from your target phone.

 All SMS text messages are logged along with their timestamp which shows when they were received or sent via WhatsApp messenger, Viber, Skype, etc.,

  •       The keylogger records all incoming and outgoing calls that took place into logs (time & duration). You will know who called whom during what period. 
  •       This keylogger app has an option where users can activate the GPS location tracking feature to get accurate location information about anyone using a mobile device under surveillance within a particular.
  •     The information may also be viewed on a tablet or a computer. There is a built-in key logger function that allows users to take photographs of the activities on their target phone’s screen.
  • A keylogger records messages, chats, and passwords that people type on their phones.

What is Snoopza?


Snoopza is a free program that helps you keep an eye on people. You can use it for your spouse, children, or employees. You can find out what they are doing and if they are safe.

The application is on and working when you are not seeing it.

Snoopza keylogger is used to monitor keystrokes on your mobile phone. It comes with an inbuilt key logger feature that allows users to take screenshots of the activities on their target phone. A keylogger Snoopza might obtain information about WhatsApp chats, messages, and even passwords that are entered on a mobile device under surveillance.

This software will not affect any other programs on the device.

App does not need to root. It does not have to take a lot of technical knowledge.

So Snoopza app helps you monitor messages and respond quickly to them.  

If you want a keylogger program with more features, such as monitoring SMS, WhatsApp communications, and logging keystrokes, Snoopza isn’t the best option.

WhatsApp is the most popular platform messaging application in the world. As of February 2020, it has more than 2 billion users worldwide. A large number of users are accessing the service through the web whatsApp web. It is a web-based client which gives you more flexibility in how you use this messaging app.

What can I do with Snoopza?

What can I do with Snoopza

Snoopza is the ideal free android keylogger that you may utilize to discover what individuals are doing. You’ll need to install and download the software, but afterward, it’s simple to see what they’re up to.

  •     Using the GPS, you can see where someone is. You can also see where you are on a map.
  •       Snoopza is a website that saves information about sites you visit.
  •       You can save the data you recorded. You also track the names and phone numbers of people you called.
  •       Some messages that people send can be monitored. Text messages, voice messages, and emails can also be tracked.

How do I get the Snoopza app? 

The Snoopza Phone tracker is simple to use and does not require any advanced computer knowledge. 

Many people believe that they need sophisticated computer abilities to utilize Android keyloggers, but this isn’t true.

Just follow the below steps;

  • Create your account by clicking the button and using an email and password that you already use for Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.
  • Install the program on your phone if you have an account.
  • Once you download the program, you can check the data on the device that you want.

Anyone can get Snoopza from the official site You may then monitor the phone.


Snoopza is a free spying mobile tracker application that you can easily download and install. It has many keylogging features and is very easy to use.

The GPS may be used to determine your location. You can also see where the individual you’re following is.

A keylogger for Android devices will help parents keep their children safe online, employers protect company data stored in the mobile phones of employees, and spouses find out if their partners are lying or doing something else on the phone.

A tracker can keep track of information about text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, and Whatsapp messages. This is so your loved ones are safe.

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