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Do you want to design a logo on your mobile? Are you looking for some mobile logo makers app? Whether you want an emblem for beauty salons, a real estate company, or want straight for your fresh startup, No worries! This three minutes’ article will help you with how to generate hundreds of logo designs on your mobile in no time!

As we all know, the logo is the main thing for your business. It takes about 3 seconds for people to identify your business concept. Having an attractive logo will help you to make your business impression more impactful, and will leave an unforgettable identity in the minds. There are lots of mobile apps for the Android system, which enables you to create logos on your mobile. But the most crucial step is to choose the right site for logo making.

Logo Creator Apps

A logo designer app is a smart tool that creates an identity for your business. By using such apps, you can create a logo by yourself. Actually, Logo designers are the Graphic designers that offer the facility for users to make distinctive originality for their company. These makers are fast, smart enough to design a professional and unique logo.

Thousands of apps are available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store that enable you to design your company’s logo, but a few are reliable, free of cost, handier, best of all, and which are easy to use on your mobile phone. All apps that are available on the store are pretty good to design your own logo. But now the question arises here: which one is best, free of cost and time-saving? Which one should we easily use that contains the above features?

Mobile Logo Maker

When you open a play store to download logo maker apps, you will come across thousands of apps. For choosing the right one, we have researched and gathered the information in this article so that users can easily select the best of all apps for making their logos for free on their mobiles!

Best and Free Logo Maker App 

Most of the people wish to use free and time-saving apps for designing their logos. That’s why we want to let you guys know about Logo Maker – Free Graphic Designs and Logo Templates.

You can get this Logo Designer app from Google PlayStore. This logo maker is a universal application that will make your experience amazing.

How this Logo maker app is Best among all.

There are hundreds of logo maker apps on the play store, but choosing the right one is a hell of a duty. That’s the reason we want to let you know this logo maker app is the most handier and the amazing app to create fresh, original, and good quality logos. If you are looking for some apps to make logos, then the logo maker app is here to save your business life.

App features:

This app has some cool designing features such as monograms maker, business cards and invitations maker, brand name generator, and company slogans maker. Their system is smart and efficient; if you need any ideas for making logos, then this app also gives you free ideas. Some of the app features are described below: –


  • Customize your logo with your company text.
  • Numerous backgrounds are usable.
  • Themes and stickers are resizable.
  • The organized logo can be saved easily.
  • Save it as a draft option is available as well.
  • Facility to select between JPG and PNG.

Moreover, this app is specifically designed to assist professionals and unprofessional to make logos free of cost in 5 minutes. Yes! Just in 5 minutes.

So, why spend money on logo making apps and sites. Simply download this app free of cost on your mobiles and start generating your logos now!

How to use this app?

For using this app, there is no need to spend too much time on procedures! Just you have to follow the simple steps which are described below: –

  • Install the app on your Android device.
  • Open up and choose your desired category.
  • Now customize your logo by yourself. You can also take ideas that the app is suggesting.
  • When you are done, just click on the save option. When you click, it will ask you to crop. Select and save.

End words:

After reading this article, you will be able to create your own logo for free on your mobile in no time! After thousands of measures, companies cannot make a distinctive trust and identity and can’t stand in front of their competitors. It is just because of a bad logo. If you are a beginner, you should know the power of a logo, and if you haven’t designed one for your business, you must give it a try from the logo maker app!

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