Memes About The Suez Canal Obstruction Are Still Circulating


The container vessel Ever Given has already been freed since March 29th. As it blocked the Suez Canal for six days, it disrupted global trade and cost the Egyptian government millions of dollars every day. The canal may be unobstructed now, but as we all know, the internet never forgets. Memes about the incident continue to be shared on various social media platforms.  Below in this article, we will cover the Memes About The Suez Canal Obstruction Are Still Circulating.

Memes About The Suez Canal Obstruction Are Still Circulating
Memes About The Suez Canal Obstruction Are Still Circulating

Some users even purchase Twitter followers to popularize their memes.

The Incident: Suez Canal Obstruction

On March 23rd, 2021, the container vessel Ever Given (one of 11 Golden-Class ships owned by Evergreen Marine) was grounded accidentally after strong winds pushed the ship sideways. The vessel is around 1300 feet long and proved difficult to move. The crew members were not injured, but they were incapable of moving the shit at all.

The Egyptian government worked non-stop for almost a week to free the vessel, using a variety of different methods. Tug-boats were used to move Ever Given, and over thirty thousand cubic meters of sand were removed from around it.

Workers were aware of the memes and mocking of the situation that spread online. Some of them claimed it was motivation to work harder and faster to free the ship.


Many of the memes that were shared were of comedic nature. For instance, many mocked the excavating equipment that was used to dig sand by the ship, implying that it was a futile effort. Other users manipulated images to wedge the Ever Given in other places.

Millions of photos were circulated online about the incident, and some photos of other incidents involving shipping company Evergreen were also popular. Someone even created a website allowing users to virtually recreate the incident in other parts of the world.

Put It Back

After the vessel was freed, a new trending meme showed up on the internet: Put It Back. Users claimed that the crisis was able to bring the world together in their misery, and they jokingly ask for the vessel to be returned to its grounded position. Another meme asked for another ship to be added as well.

Proposed Solutions From Netizens

Mocking aside, there were several solutions proposed by users on social media platforms in every language. Of course, many of these so-called solutions were not feasible because very few people are able to account for the entire situation. Suggestions to unload the container vessel were considered absurd, as the infrastructure needed would cost more than the Egyptian government was losing by keeping the canal blocked.

Other suggestions would have prolonged the crisis if anyone were to implement them. The management of the Suez Canal is a complex process, and experienced engineers were tasked with finding a solution to the obstruction.

These memes just prove that complicated matters cannot be taken lightly, and internet advice is not to be taken too seriously. They did provide some form of motivation, as the Suez Canal is a source of pride for the Egyptian public, especially those who are employed in maintaining it. 

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