How Online Gaming Will Evolve With New Technologies


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Online Gaming

With emerging technologies, the online gaming industry is booming and attracting a new set of players and entrepreneurs every day. Gaming developers continue to reel out interesting games to meet the gaming needs of players. Beyond this, the growth of the industry could also be attributed to the number of smartphone users. This has increased the thrill of playing games.

Prior to its commercial birth in the 1950s, gaming has been on display for years. For instance, the first recognized game machine was unveiled in 1940. It was based on the ancient mathematical game of Nim. Throughout the 6-month period of being displayed. About 50,000 people played the game although it was reported that the computer won more than 90 percent of the games. It was in 1967, after about three decades, that the “Brown Box,” the first commercial game system, was designed by Ralph Baer and his team. 

Beyond engaging in gaming activities for mere fun, some gamers have taken it as a real profession. Technology in the gaming industry has opened the window of opportunities for the millennials – from game animation to game art professionals, game testing, and professional gamers. All of these will continue to impact the industry in the future. If you’d like to see these casinos in action that I’m talking about, it’s a good idea to read reviews about them and find bonuses to take advantage of if you intend to use them.

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 What is the current state of the online gaming industry?

The 2020 research report of State of Online Gaming reveals that gamers are becoming more interested in new console-less gaming services. While arranging game types in terms of popularity, casual single-player takes the lead, followed by first-person shooter games. Also, no fewer than 38 percent of gamers are striving to become professionals. All of these attest to the state of online games as highly attractive. 

In addition, the importance of AR and VR through Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be undermined as it has helped gamers attain improved gaming experiences. With these new technologies that help to achieve real-time changes to gaming scenarios, video games are becoming more immersive and interactive. 

Players now look beyond graphics in the selection of their game of choice. They want games that allow them to modify the behaviors of their characters. This has opened the way for game developers to integrate pattern recognition and reinforcement learning into the games. This trend will witness great light into the future. 

Online Gaming Will New Technologies

Gaming apps and gaming on mobile devices 

Between 2016 and 2020, the global mobile app gaming market witnessed the highest growth, more than any other gaming type. The market share was estimated at $72.3 billion. Gaming is meant to provide its users with fun and allure. People can visit brick-and-mortar casinos to have a feel of the physical location. 

However, with the digital revolution in the gaming industry where people can visit online casino sites to play the game of their choice, people are getting more attracted to the industry. The implication is that the hassles of having to travel some miles to physical casinos are removed. 

Many businesses with a younger target market are adopting entertainment tablet kiosks to bring mobile gaming and gamers under one roof. This has become a growing trend for restaurants, especially, with McDonald’s taking the front lead. 

 Increase in e-sports 

The increased adoption of mobile devices in gaming has led to the rise of esports. Game developers are now developing games that align with the new trend. Successful performers in e-sport continue to have a large social media following. 

 The impact of the Internet 

The world is in a modern age of gaming that has witnessed a great explosion of Internet capabilities. Technology continues to increase at an alarming rate such that as new games are developed, old games are being replaced. With unhindered access to the Internet by an increased number of people across the globe, the number of video game players is increasing. 

Games are now being enjoyed as a shared activity. All thanks to an online storefront like Xbox Live Marketplace. Apart from the fun that comes with playing with other people, gamers can now connect with friends across the world as well as spend more time with their families. 

 Bonuses and promotions

In the 1990s, video games were premium. That means there was a need to pay to gain access to the game. However, video game companies have developed a “Free to Play” model that allows players to play for free. This helps to make people get addicted to games and spend a vast fortune on bonus content. In other words, as players get addicted to the game, they keep buying in-game content. 

 The future of gaming 

The recent phase of gaming has been reshaped by mobile technology. Phone screens, processor capabilities, and expanded storage help to determine gameplay possibilities. Despite the negative impact of mobile gaming on hand-held gaming devices, consoles continue to witness a boom, especially as new technologies are being introduced. 

Other industries that continue to play critical roles in changing how games are played are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Oculus, a VR technology company, released its Rift headset in 2016. The usage of the headset was to allow gamers to experience a 3D world that is characterized by interactiveness and immersion.

There is a consistent goal to create a completely interactive, dynamic “world” where players could move around to interact with other players and experience an entirely new dimension of the digital landscape. Voice recognition and computer interaction technologies are being developed. When fully developed, games would be able to interact with characters with more natural responses. Also, the technology will allow computers to be able to understand commands with just a series of interactions through a headset. 


Innovative technologies are being adopted in gaming in an incredible manner. It will be interesting to discover how the new trends are impacting the creative abilities of game developers in developing games that align with the growing needs of players. This is further impacted by services that allow players or users to live stream games. 

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