What to Consider While Choosing an Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Migration Partner?


A while back, some innovative organizations considered cloud migration a top priority. Thanks to that innovation, nowadays, most companies use Cloud services in one way or another. 

Companies need to find the right Cloud partner to optimize costs. For companies using Oracle OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) is the priority to explore the public cloud for their mission-critical applications. With the help of the right Oracle partner, companies can save themselves from making random decisions, save costs, increase productivity, and not end up with below standard outcomes and focus on their business.

A lot of customers express value for money and ease of working as an essential criterion while finding partners. However, not focusing on relevant parameters during this process can lead to the failure of oracle cloud migration. An experienced company with tons of knowledge of different vendor services can advise the business on best migration practices.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the top things to consider while looking for a Cloud Migration Partner:

1. Platform Expertise & Level of Oracle Experience

This comprises expertise with enterprise applications (traditional licensed and SaaS cloud applications), analytics, database, integration, and related technologies up/down the Oracle stack. Select a cloud partner that thoroughly understands the complete stack of Oracle enterprise applications specifically, not just typical Oracle cloud migration. Oracle Platinum Partners are experienced consultants who are competent and experts on Oracle Partner Network for Oracle solutions. 

The Managed Service Expertise (MSE) certification rewards the partners with the capabilities, tools, and processes to create, deploy, run and manage Oracle Cloud Solutions (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) under a single contract.

2. Full-Stack Service Provider

As a responsible company, you should always evaluate your Cloud Partner’s capabilities to provide the complete stack of Cloud services – Advisory, Managed, Upgrade and oracle cloud migration. Moreover, they should also have the ability to own the lifecycle partnership: selection, migration, implementation, upgrade, transition, testing, support & retirement, and agility to scale up or down throughout the partnership as dictated by the project.

3. Location & Customer Service Expertise

A managed Oracle service provider must be capable of accelerating the businesses’ Cloud journey with the help of a global roll-out delivery model, country-specific localizations, divestitures, acquisitions, and round-the-clock service support. If the company also features an onshore/offshore combination, such a thing can help optimize time and costs.

4. Security

Nowadays, security is the primary concern of most organizations with growing data breaches, especially on the public Cloud. With the help of a dependable cloud partner, tactical execution and managing security will become effortless.

Simply put, choosing an oracle cloud migration service provider is a strategic decision to develop and maintain a long-term relationship. 

About the Company: 

At Opkey, our team of Oracle experts help businesses implement a robust and scalable continuous test automation platform that is user-friendly and built for change. With the help of automating process intelligence and testing, we empower the world’s largest enterprises to keep pace with release schedules, reduce risk and ensure business continuity.

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