The Perfect Jobs for Video Game Enthusiasts


What was once a niche market geared almost entirely at children and teenagers has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry that, at times, rivals the movie and television industries. The stereotype that video game enthusiasts are just grown-ups who refuse to put away their toys has been shattered by the fact that millions of accomplished adults worldwide consider themselves devoted gamers. Nowadays, you can play games online that involve playing with cash and tangible rewards. 

Many youngsters who grew up with a passion for gaming pursued careers in the sector, proving nagging parents wrong once again. If you have the talent and enough drive to make a career out of video games, you could work as a:

Game Tester 

Oh yes! Instead of designing the game, you get to play it! Isn’t that fantastic? It isn’t all fun and games, though. 

Unfortunately, being a game tester entails less of the all-day gaming fun and more analyzing every game element, often repeating certain sections. To put it another way, picture having to‘play a Super Mario level by leaping ten times in one area, advancing an inch, jumping ten more times, and so on… 

You won’t make much money, but you’ll be contributing to the industry!

Professional Gamer

You can, however, make a lot of money playing video games for a living. To make it large, you must be either extraordinarily gifted, or entertaining. 

Some gamers earn a fortune making Let’s Play videos. Sponsored tournament winnings can also bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for competitive players.

So, the next time your mom shouts at you for the crisp crumbs and Coca Cola stains on your couch, show her this article to get her off your back, maybe.

 Professional Gamer

Video Game Artist

Remember when your grumpy teachers would tell you to put away your sketchbook with all of your fantastic cartoons and characters? 

Every video game requires skilled artists to bring the designer’s visions to life by developing original characters and environments. If game designers want to engage their audience in the world they’ve built, they must animate their creations in a realistic manner. 

Using your artistic abilities to develop video game characters can earn you up to $50,000 per year.


Writing for video games, which used to be a basic job, has become much more sophisticated over time. Video game screenplays can now be thousands of pages lengthy, with lines that aren’t generic, off-the-cuff remarks. 

Writers must create dynamic characters who behave differently in different situations while remaining loyal to their personalities’ core. They’re also in charge of all of the game’s documentation, including instruction manuals and in-game menus. 

If their game is successful, the greatest video game writers in the industry can earn up to $200,000 per year.

Game Designer 

You may not be an artist or have many computer coding skills, but maybe you’ve had a fantastic idea for a video game since you were a child. 

Your job as a gamer designer, then, is to put together a creative team that can handle all of the specialized work and turn your vision into a reality. You’ll explain the characters, the setting, and the game’s ultimate goal, as well as direct your crew as they work their magic. 

As indicated in the introduction, game creation is growing increasingly sophisticated. You’ll need a college diploma to get started. However, the big salary you could wind up earning would rapidly compensate you.

Game Producer

As a producer, you’ll be able to showcase your passion for video games. 

While you’ll have to deal with mundane office tasks like budgeting and project management, you’ll also be entrusted with promoting your game to the gaming industry’s ‘powers that be’, as well as the industry’s most important people: the fans. 

Depending on their experience and ability, successful producers can earn anywhere from $50,000 to over $100,000.

Game Programmer

The programmer job might suit you if you have a flair for coding and a passion for video games. 

You’ll attempt to build on previously developed engines to improve gameplay in a variety of ways. You’ll confirm that the characters are playable and controllable as the artists construct the characters and their animations. You’ll also design and alter the artificial intelligence that allows non-player characters to interact as realistically as possible. 

You may earn a salary of roughly $95,000 if you can bring a designer’s ideas to life on a computer screen.

In this day and age, turning a hobby such as a video gaming into a career is far more acceptable and feasible. Take your pick of the jobs mentioned above, and you’ll soon find that work and play often go hand in hand. 

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