How to Prepare for Class 6 Maths Olympiad


Class 6 Maths Olympiad

The International Math Olympiad which is widely known as the IMO exam conducted at national and international levels by the Indian Talent Olympiad is considered as one of the high-ranked exams. Students of different boards are brought together to a common platform where they compete with each other without any inequality. Class 6 is the best time to start with the preparation. As the Olympiad exams are conducted at national and international levels students will get an opportunity to participate, compete and understand how competitive and ambitious the world around them is. It will also sharpen a student’s logical, analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving skills. 

The range of topics dealt with in the Math Olympiad is the same as the curriculum followed at schools. So, the students will not have to learn anything in addition. Students will have to focus on understanding the concepts in detail and understand where to apply the right logic and formula. One will be able to solve questions confidently only after an ample amount of preparation and practice.

For math Olympiad exams preparation and practice are important. Attempting Olympiad exams will be the first time for most of the students. A proper study plan/ guide will help them a lot. Materials will ease the process of preparation for the exams. These days so many guides and training courses are readily available. But, not all the students in 6th grade will have a clear idea of the best resource, repositories, and preparation method. Here we are to help you pick up the right path and achieve success. Follow the guide mentioned below to attain the utmost success. 

Preparation Tips for Class 6 Math Olympiad


For math Olympiad preparation, the first and foremost step is to obtain the syllabus and understand it well. Then plan accordingly and make a proper schedule. The most recommended study plan is to list the topic according to the level of difficulty and to start preparing from the topic which you find complicated. Cover the topics with difficult concepts and later on study the topics with lighter concepts which you assume will take less time. 

Syllabus for 6th Class Maths Olympiad

  1. Concept of Geometry
  2. Number System
  3. Factors & Multiples
  4. Integers
  5. Decimal Fractions
  6. Ratio & Proportion
  7. Arithmetic
  8. Basic Algebra
  9. Data Handling
  10. Mensuration
  11. Symmetry
  12. Logical Reasoning


A wide range of study materials is provided by the ITO. Among them, workbooks are one of the most helpful materials. Workbooks consist of questions ranging from level easy to difficult which will help you with the practice and improve problem-solving skills. These workbooks provided for the International Math Olympiad are on the basis of exam point of view and will be easy for you on the exam day as you will already be having an idea of the question types and difficulty ranges.

As the workbooks consist of numerous information, make a habit of taking crisp notes which will help you recall the topics later when you need a quick reference.


Learning Maths for Smarter Life: This book makes the process of learning enjoyable. Every chapter in this book starts with a brief introduction followed by getting ready concepts that will connect the current chapter to the previous chapters and make it more relatable and easily understandable.

All the chapters have a “wrap up” section which basically consists of a summary of all the topics you’ve learned in that particular chapter.

In the end, you can find fun and activity sections which will help you with self-assessment. These two will help you build connections, develop observation and analyze.

NCERT: Learn the topics and solve higher class NCERT textbooks questions and then move on to other books with more complicated questions.

Websites/Online Coaching

Art of Problem Solving  – Art of Problem Solving provides a wide range of free resources. These resources contain interactive tools, problem-solving questions, videos, etc. Also, they provide mathematics online courses segregated by the level of difficulty. Students will be led by expert instructors of the field and will get an opportunity to solve problems and face the challenges of mathematics along with peers from all around the world.

Mathematics Stack Exchange– Mathematics Stack Exchange is one of the question-answer platforms which provides students a platform to post the questions that they are facing difficulties with and to get help from an anonymous person to solve the problem. At the same time if you know the method to solve and get the answer for a specific question that has been posted you can help them out. You can vote for the best answers and help them get to the top.

Q Olympiad – Q Olympiad is a team of experienced instructors who help students with various subjects. Mock Olympiad tests are available in Q Olympiad which will help you know where you stand. Many sites provide free Olympiad Study Materials and Mock Tests for the students. Students who prefer live sessions can enroll with them for Olympiad training sessions.

General Tips

To excel in IMO, you need consistency, determination, and rigorous practice.

  1. Prepare a timetable to learn for the International Math Olympiad.
  2. Without any rush, prepare chapter-wise.
  3. Solve as many questions as possible.
  4. Make the most use of the workbooks, NCERT, and free practice questions available online.
  5. Practice a topic until you feel positive and then move on to the next topic.
  6. Understand the tough topics/ chapters by watching YouTube videos, getting help from your mentor, or enrolling for a paid session online.
  7. Set timers, solve the questions, improve your pace and repeat it until you are quick.
  8. Once you are confident, take up online practice tests of Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 6 Maths 2013 and evaluate yourself and work on the topics that need more concentration.


If you aspire to excel in IMO, make good use of the preparation guide provided. The only key to success in Olympiad is PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! 

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