Best Procreate Windows & Android: Alternatives


Procreate For Windows & Android: Alternatives


Procreate for windows: Most likely, Procreate is the reliable and fascinating drawing application for the iPad. It provides a total set of brushes, amazing filters, 100 undo/redo strokes, advanced layer blending, auto-saving while you draw, and many others as well. 

Procreate for windows

But Unfortunately, two issues are being faced by the application. ProCreate is a paid app with no availability of a free trial, to sample the app. although The company is offering not much strong Procreate Pocket for the iPhone. However, what to do if you need to Procreate for Android or Windows? As we know, most apps have a straight supply of alternatives, Procreate is also the same. Today we will let you know about the alternatives for Procreate for Windows, and Android. 

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Procreate Alternatives:

Autodesk SketchBook (procreate for windows)

Procreate for windows2

Autodesk is used for designing and modeling software suites. They are well-recognized for AutoCAD solutions, a platform that transformed the structure of many industries. It has the following advantages. 

  • The learning curve is sharp in comparison with ProCreate.
  • Requires users to be familiar with the desktop version of the Autodesk Sketchbook.

If you want to use the old version drawing style, then you would like ArtRage. The unique feature regarding ArtRage is that it attempts to imitate real paint as original as possible. You can mix different colors as you are doing with real paint. Other important things are you can keep a track of wetness, thickness, and other similar features.


  • The unmatched and original experience of employing the digital medium for the creation of art. 
  • The interface is pretty instinctive


  • Advanced tools are missing. 
  • The app also gets inactive more often.
  • Upgradation is a bit expensive

Available For–iPad, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, 

Price: $79/50% discount for current users who need to upgrade.

Download:  Autodesk Sketchbook here


Adobe Photoshop Sketch (procreate for windows)

Adobe Photoshop Sketch (procreate for windows)

Adobe Photoshop Sketch tool has been manufactured to generate digital art. Apart from Photoshop, if you like to rely on Photoshop’s brush features, you would love to use Sketch a little bit more. Though, no need to know Photoshop to utilize this app.   

The good thing about the app is seamless Adobe product integration. For example, you can import the brush you have utilized. It’s a vector-based program the resulting files are minor in size and thus it can be shared conveniently.

Available For – macOS, iOS, and Android, 


  • A clear app with very precise tools.
  • The app UI and UX assists to retain your creativity
  • 14+ different brushes to select from


  • The biggest drawback is that it can only be used for Mac
  • Short third-party app support.
  • Image editing tools are not found. 

Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch here


Krita (procreate for windows)

Krita (procreate for windows)

The most important feature of Krita is the most natural sketching experience in a digital medium. It provides the comics and textures and the default brushes are supposed to be more than sufficient for creating any type of art. Krita allows users to modify or edit the brushes if the demand for the same is increased. The best feature Krita is that it has a color wheel and an integrated reference panel.

Available for– macOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS (Krita Gemini)


  • Tailor-made software for the artist.
  • Focus on prototypical
  • Not on Android as of now
  • Open, and edit Photoshop’s PSD files


  • The intuitiveness is missing part. 
  • Users complain of software lagging.
  • The tablet version, that is Krita Gemini needs to be downloaded from the Valve Steam Store app

Download Krita here


Sketches by A. Tayasui (procreate for windows)

Sketches by A. Tayasui (procreate for windows)

Sketches help the artists draw on tablets and macOS. The best thing about the tool is an array of artist tools including pencils, pens, erasers, and brushes. The layout of the tool deserves a special mention. Other advanced features include the Fill Transfer function that will help you fill based on the created pattern. Furthermore, the Fill Transfer function helps you create overlapping effects without the need for separate colors.

Available For– macOS, iOS, and Android


  • Excellent interface, functional and clutter-free
  • The Pro version is priced at $1.99 that makes it relatively cheaper


  • Brush customization choice is somewhat limited
  • Cannot change the size of the canvas
  • Layers are offered only on the Pro version

Price– Free version/ Pro Version free to try for 1-hour/ Pro License costs $1.99

Download Sketches by A. Tayasui here


The main concepts are a vector drawing app. It is suitable for precision measurement drawing apart from freehand sketches. It gives a variety of payment options that enables you to purchase different tools. You can get a handful of brushes and layers from the version free of cost. Or you can get the Essentials pack for a one-time price of $9.99 or get everything for $4.99 per month.

Availability – Windows 10, iOS, and Android.


  • Infinite canvas
  • Buy what you want payment model


  • Steep learning curve

Price– Free version/ Pro Version starts at $9.99 or $4.99 per month.

Download Concepts here


We hope you liked the article. If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to ask. Don’t forget to give your honest feedback.  


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