Instagram Image Search to Find Profile from Photo 



Instagram Image Search to Find Profile from Photo 

Instagram Image Search is a method employed to search for the profile of the Insta user using Photo ID or Insta photo. However, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps around the world used by millions of people.  

Other than that, the service has more than profiles on the service with more. The users of this social media app upload millions of images every day. If you want to search for a profile of a particular person by using an image then you can use the most famous image-sharing place it provides help with the latest trends and allows you to connect with the people you want.  

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Instagram is a considerably strict app regarding the security and privacy of people, the app does not compromise on your privacy. All the images and their digital imprints are highly encrypted over FB’s servers. So, you can find the profile of a particular person with the help of an image you have. Other than Facebook, which has a unique Image ID for images installed from their site, with the help of which you can search the profile of the user? Instagram doesn’t allow you any such a simplified way to find the original uploader of the image. 

In this article, we are going to help you out so that you may find the profile users with the help of image In this guide, I’ll tell you some techniques to find the user with the help of Instagram Image Search or Instagram Reverse Image Search. However, it is not certain that this procedure of using images will surely help you find the profile a user wants but at least it can help you narrow down your search to get good results.

How to Reverse Image Search for Instagram

Here are simple yet powerful methods for an image search for Instagram.

Google Image Search

Reverse Image Search is one of the strongest tools to search for the source of the image. It helps you reliably to discover similar images from the web. To do that, you can also upload the images onto the Search Engine and the Engine will display like images from the web.

If you upload an image for ‘Search by Image’ then you will be shown all the relevant images accompanying the source. But if the URL with this image is from Insta then you can find the user and other information regarding the profile.

You can follow the steps below to do a Reverse Image search for Instagram.

  • Firstly, just go to
  • You will see a ‘Camera Icon’ with the search bar
  • Click on the icon and upload the photo from your device storage
  • Press enter and done you will be displayed with results corresponding to the pic.

Tineye | Instagram Image Search

Tineye is designed specifically for reverse image searching. But the steps are pretty much similar as mentioned above. Just upload the image and you will be welcomed with all the relevant images and sites that host the images. However, if you are fortunate enough then you can find the original area of the image only. However, it uses its algorithm to find the photos. One such algorithm is emotive hashing which is used to create a hash from the sample image.


Bing has the same feature by which you can find the profile or info using the photo. What you need to do is just upload the image to the Bing engine by clicking on the camera icon. Other than that you’ll view all the relevant information if available. All uploaded images are removed automatically. 

Social Catfish

Social catfish is the most famous Search by Image engine. Besides, it also claims to be the most suitable tool to search for results for social media sites. Other than that, it claims to be a very prominent tool for searching results for social sites. They use photo Metadata and facial recognition for all popular social profiles. So, this app can be more reliable to help you search for particular data accurately.


Although it can help you narrow down your search to get amazing results, still it is not guaranteed that you can certainly find the source of the photo. 

I hope you like the article and enjoy reading it. You can ask further questions regarding that. 


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