The Rising Trend of Audiobook Publishing


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Writing and publishing a book go hand in hand. Both are equally important when it comes to the success of a book. Having a good plot or characters isn’t sufficient unless you’re able to make your content accessible to the desired audience. Increasing competition, technological advancements have increased the volume and availability of content. This has led to an increased demand for expert services in terms of publishing and marketing. However, finding a good publishing service is not an easy task. Several factors have to be looked into- like costs, services, communication, etc. Also, not everyone can afford to engage publishing services.

Apart from factors like affordability and accessibility, another factor that is assuming considerable significance is the extent of digitalization. Authors these days tend to prefer such publishing services that provide better digital publishing services. The digital advent of publishing began with ebooks. Compared to the hardcover paper-bound books, ebooks offer greater convenience and utility. As a reader, you are no longer required to carry books physically wherever you go. All you need is a smart device, and you can read your book anytime and anywhere. Ebooks help you to save a lot of space and money as well. However, in recent times, people have expressed some problems in relation to ebooks as well. These include problems like difficulty in reading while travelling or reading at night under dim light. Staring at screens can be tiresome and even harm the eyes severely. 

To overcome these problems, technology has come up with the idea of audiobooks. This article will talk about audiobooks and audiobook publishing.

What are Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are books narrated in the audio format that enables readers to listen to books rather than reading them. Thus, the process of reading books has been transformed into listening books & now ears come into play instead of eyes. There are multiple benefits of audiobooks. Firstly, they do not have a deterrent effect on your eyes. You can listen to audiobooks while traveling and even at night. You are no longer required to stare at screens for long hours. Secondly, audiobooks have a better impact in terms of motivation and learning on the listener. This is because something that goes directly into the ears creates a better impact altogether. Thus, compared to ebooks, audiobooks are more convenient & easier to use. 

The Rise of the Audiobook Industry

The audiobook industry has made tremendous progress in terms of sales, revenue, and listeners. In fact, with sales close to $1.3 billion, the audiobook industry has surpassed the ebook market. The industry has achieved a record 17% growth in revenue with close to 130 million listeners. Therefore, it becomes amply clear that the audiobook market is an opportunity that every author must look to capitalize upon. The following segment will discuss one of the best audiobook publishing services in the U.S.

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Audiobook Publishing by MindStir Media

MindStir Media has been in the publishing business since 2009. Founded by J.J. Hebert, an award-winning and bestselling author, the company is the best self-publishing agency. It offers some unique features and encourages young and independent authors to pursue writing as a profession. They provide them with the platform to become successful by publishing their books and provide them expert guidance. MindStir Media recognizes the potential that the audiobook industry holds in today’s time. It has a special team of experts that collaborates with authors and helps them in creating and publishing audiobooks. 

MindStir Media’s audiobook publishing package costs around $7000. As a part of this package, an expert narrator narrates your book into an audiobook. This audiobook then undergoes various edits and improvements to ensure hassle-free distribution. The audiobook is properly compiled, its cover is designed, and an ISBN number is also allotted. The entire process of creating and distributing an audiobook takes around 3 months. The author receives monthly royalty payments of up to 70% by the distributors and thus, is assured of a good income. 

MindStir Media has collaboration with more than 50 audiobook distribution channels like iTunes, Amazon, etc. Thus, if you’re an author that is looking to succeed, this audiobook publishing service package is certainly worth investing in. 

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