Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in UAE & Review 2020


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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in UAE & Review

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Summary New Stylus S Pen Bluetooth, a giant battery, an AI-doped camera, the Galaxy Note 9 is full of new features. Let’s go to his discovery.

Which models will be taken off sale

Galaxy Note 9 is a key smartphone for Samsung. With its new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen stylus that makes it a remote control for the camera or video player, its 4000 mAh battery and its artificially infused camera, the 6.4-inch phablet is Samsung’s most powerful and innovative model of the year.

In Dubai, the Galaxy Note 9 starts at 1009 euros in its 128GB version, the same price as the Note 8. The model with 512GB of storage is 1259 euros. It is already available for order.

When taken in hand, Note 9 does not appear so different from its predecessors. If you remove the stylus and the 512GB of storage, the rest of the smartphone is similar to an evolution of this year’s Galaxy S9 and last year’s Note 8.

The New Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is Bluetooth-enabled

The 2018 S Pen, equipped with a Low Energy Bluetooth antenna, is the flagship new addition to the Note 9. In addition to being able to write, draw, navigate and create messages, the S Pen offers to remotely control certain actions via the Bluetooth connection.

For example, a prolonged push of the stylus button activates the camera, a double pressure allows the rear camera to be switched to the front camera and extra pressure to take a photo. There is a special menu that allows you to customize actions remotely depending on the application and context.

Examples include controlling a PowerPoint presentation, controlling playback and changing the title in the music player, driving Spotify. Samsung plans to open its development kit so that other apps can adopt the Bluetooth mode of the S Pen.

A fun detail: when taking notes from the lock screen, the writing colour is the same as that of the stylus is yellow, purple, white or copper. We also have the possibility to return to a white line for those who prefer the classic.

The new photo features boosted by AI

There is the same photo configuration as the Galaxy S9, a dual 12-megapixel rear photosensor, one of which changes the aperture as soon as it detects low lighting conditions. At the front, it’s an 8-megapixel sensor for selfies.

The novelty of 2018 is at the software level, with the presence of an AI that analyzes the scene to detect the subject taken in the photo (a person, a plant, an animal, food …) and then optimizes the balance of whites, saturation and contrast to take the best possible shot.

Another new feature, the AI may invite you to take a photo if it feels that it may be missed because the subject has blinked or moved, if the lens is dirty or if the backlight is too intense.

Other key points

  • Fortnite on Android: the flagship game of 2018 premieres on Galaxy smartphones (S7 and following) as well as Note 9;
  • Super AMOLED 6.4-inch screen 2960 x 1440 pixels;
  • Snapdragon 845 octuple heart processor;
  • The Bixby button is always present on the left side.

Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: What are the differences?

  • From the outside, the two phablets look identical.
  • Screen size: Note 9 is slightly larger than Note 8: 6.4 inches versus 6.3 inches;
  • Fingerprint reader and speakers: on Note 9, the fingerprint reader migrates under the photosensors as it adjoins them on the Note 8 and a second speaker brings the stereo sound, as on the Galaxy S9;
  • A more powerful battery: 4000 mAh on the Note 9 versus 3300 mAh on the Note 8;
  • Monster Storage: Note 9 offers two storage options: 128GB with 6GB of RAM and 512GB with 8GB.
  • Processor: The Snapdragon 845 replaces the Snapdragon 835;
  • Android 8.1: Note 8 was released with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Note 9’s custom interface is the Samsung Experience 9.5.

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