What is sedsvc.exe in Windows 10 – Is it a Virus? 


What is sedsvc.exe in Windows 10 – Is it a Virus? 

Sedsvc.exe is primarily an implementable file that enters your PC following a Windows update of Windows 10. However, the file is not malware or a virus harming your computer, a simple update feature to improve the quality of your system. In this article, we will tell you about What the sedsvc.exe is in Windows 10. We will tell you whether it is a virus or something else. 

You will find it comes with the Windows update KB4023057 containing the name Windows Setup Remediations. You will be able to find it on the Settings -> Apps -> Apps and Features page.

Apart from that, you need to remember the file can be detrimental as well as the file is an executable file and usually these files can be used to harm your Windows.

What is sedsvc.exe

Sedsvc.exe is an implementable file that is designed by Windows Corporation and it is one of the parts of Windows. You may experience when several updates occur in your Windows 10.

The program is digitally signed by Microsoft Windows and you can have it in C:\ Program Files\ rempl\ folder’. 

You may encounter another that is comparable to the file sedlauncher.exe, although we are not much familiar with it. Still, many people complain it is damaging to their windows as compared to the  Sedsvc.exe. However, they work similarly and come with the same update as well. 

We will also let you know about the Sedlauncher that what is it and how it works. 

What is Sedlauncher.exe

When Windows 10 was published then the Microsoft Corporation made few declarations for the upcoming latest updates of this operating system.

In those updates, an updated name KB4023075 was primarily introduced that will update all of the components of your operating system. Apart from that, change all other elements in Windows 10. That may include, speed, GUI, software, and many more things that are in the operating system. And most of the new things also were ultimately introduced in this update. 

sedsvc.exe in Windows 10

I received a notification from my firewall software that the following 2 executables were trying to access or connect to the Internet:

  • sedsvc.exe
  • sedlauncher.exe

I quickly disabled both executable files from connecting to the Internet. Both sedsvc.exe and sedlauncher.exe files possessed a digital signature of Microsoft Windows. 

I checked with Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and then found the sedsvc.exe executable running in the background. Task Manager was showing its name as actually Windows Remediation Service.   

I right-clicked on the EXE file and chose the “Open file location” option so that I may open the folder carrying this file. Windows opened the following folder in File Explorer:


The REMPL folder consists of the following files and folders in my Windows 10 computer:

  • Logs 
  • sedlauncher.exe
  • CTAC.json
  • disktoast.exe
  • osrrb.exe
  • ServiceStackHardening.Inf
  • Rempl.xml
  • sedplugins.dll
  • sedsvc.exe
  • strgsnsaddons.dll
  • toastlogo.png


I just had an idea as Windows opened the REMPL folder. That the sedsvc.exe and sedlauncher.exe files are relevant to download and install the new feature update published for Windows 10 as well. Since the same REMPL folder has been utilized by other files called Rempl.exeRemsh.exe, and WaaSMedic.exe in the past for the same purpose. 

I also noted an odd program accompanying the name “Windows Setup Remediations (x64) KB4023057“. That you can find on the “Settings -> Apps -> Apps & features” page. Although the Uninstall button was activated for the program the button was not functional and I was not able to install it. 

Other than that, I also encountered 2 new services Windows Remediation Service (sedsvc) and Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSvc) in the Services Manager (services.msc). The “Windows Remediation Service” was set to Automatic and was running in the background. However, “Windows Update Medic Service” was set to Manual and was not running. The description of Windows Remediation Service was displaying “Remediates Windows Update Components” and the description of Windows Update Medic Service was showing “Enables remediation and protection of Windows Update components“.

Following some investigation, I came to know that the update KB4023057 (and most of the time KB4295110) for Windows 10. Installed these sedsvc.exe and sedlauncher.exe files in the REMPL folder. And the “Windows Setup Remediations (x64) KB4023057” program on my computer.

Official Description about sedsvc.exe

Well, According to the official description of this update:

The update is about enhancing the reliability of window update service components in windows 10, versions 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, and 1803. You will also need to free up your disc space on your device in case you do not contain enough space to install window updates. The update files comprise files and updates regarding issues that are related to updating processes in your windows. These improvements ensure that the updates are improving the overall performance and reliability of your windows 10. 

Details about sedsvc.exe

There are also more details available on what this update can do on your Windows 10 device. 

  • This update may enable your device to stay active for a prolonged period to allow the installation of updates to take place. You need to remember that the installation will regard any user-configured sleep configurations and also your “active hours” whenever you employ your device the most. 
  • This update may attempt to reboot the network settings if you find any issues, and it will also clean up registry keys that may prevent updates from being installed effectively. 
  • It may repair disabled Windows operating system components that decide the applicability of updates to your version of Windows 10.
  • This update may compress files in your user profile directory to help you to free up the disc space to download essential updates. 
  • Potentially, it may reset the Windows Update database to fix the issue that could avoid updates from installing effectively. Hence, you may observe that your Windows Update history was cleared.  

Further | sedsvc.exe

Microsoft has also declared what this update is capable of freeing up your disk space on your PC to install feature updates. 

When you have a featured update with you, you will possibly miss a message on the settings page of windows update somewhere you are being asked to free up the disc space by removing files that you don’t use regularly like different applications and unnecessary files. If you see this message, select ” fix the issue”, to free the disc space. This update will compress files in the user profile so that you can install important updates for your device. After the installation of your updates, you will be able to restore files to their original condition. 

Delete Sedsvc.exe Process Permanently

So in case, you need to be assured to learn every step with care. And if anything frustrates you and you are experiencing any kind of issue you can ask for assistance. 

Disable via Task Manager

  • Head to the taskbar and right-tap the windows icon
  • Choose task manager from the options or you can simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the task manager. 
  • After you access the Task Manager then scroll till you will see an option Windows Remediation Service
  • Right-tap on the chosen file and click end task
  • After that, reboot your computer and then let the changes take place. 

Turn off using Utility Service | sedsvc.exe

  • Open the run dialogue box by tapping windows key + R or you can simply move to the start and can search run and then press enter
  • Inside the run dialogue box, you will need to type services.MSC 
  • When the services utility window exhibits, then scroll down unless you find the Windows Remediation Service program
  • Right-tap after finding the program and choose Properties
  • Following that, head to the general tab
  • Click on the drop-down list beside startup type and then choose Disabled from the list. 
  • Then head to the service status section and tap stop
  • Tap OK and Apply the changes you have made
  • Now restart the PC and then check if the problem is finish or not

Perform a System restore | sedsvc.exe

Windows 10 came up with a better solution to make the operating system error-free. The System Restore option allows you to make the changes that apply previously without any error.

Just like that, if you are worried regarding your file so don’t be because it restores only the system files and also keeps all the other files secured.

  • First, click Windows key + S in your keyboard
  • Next, a search box will appear inside the search box then type Restore
  • Then select Create a restore point from the results that are showing on your screen
  • Now click the system restore button
  • Click next to start. 
  • Look at all the timestamps that are showing and choose the right timestamp where the issue was not discovered or was not there
  • After that, Tap next to start the process of System restore


Hope you liked the article. Don’t forget to ask your questions and queries in the comment section. We would love to hear from you, please let us know if you have any suggestions. 

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