Quick Tutorial: Set Up Keyboard Macros in Windows 10


Set Up Keyboard Macros in Windows 10

Set Up Keyboard Macros in Windows 10: If you want to set up a keyboard Macro for your Windows 10 then you must read this article till the end. As we are going to give you complete details through different steps regarding how you can create a setup Keyboard Macros in Windows 10. Keyboard Macros are pretty much easy to use as you need to access PC resources straight away without any need to go through a long process. If you are relying on Windows

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10, and you cannot access the touch screen PC? Then it is usually difficult for you and makes you find it duplicated, time-taking. Attempting to open most prevalently used apps or some other commands. Here, Keyboard Macros will help you out to make things easy for you.  

What are Keyboard Macros?

A Macros is a programmable design that transforms a series of steps into a current sequence of output. So, we can define a Macros as a sequence of commands in a keyboard shortcut that is used to run a particular task on the PC. You use shortcut keys like CTRL+C for copy, CTRL+V for paste. In the same way, Keyboard Macros can help you save your time in different Windows 10 exploits. 

For instance, if you need to start with typing some emails then you will not need to type in the complete email address. It will appear automatically as you type the first 2-3 letters from the beginning.

Macros help you to improve your efficiency while using a keyboard and enhances your productivity as well. It has the following benefits.

Saves your Time

While using Macros, it makes it easy for you to type in a lengthy text that can take a lot of your time and energy without Macros. Macros made it possible to type the texts in an automated manner without putting in a lot of effort and energy.

Enhances Accuracy

Apart from saving your time, it also enhances your accuracy and helps you manage to do your stuff on time and with accuracy as well. Setting up your Macros removes all the potential mistakes that may occur without their use or setting them up.

Have you ever thought that there is a default Windows 10 Macro recorder?  

Keyboard Macros In Windows 10

To date, there is no built in app for Macros recordings. Apart from that, there is some third-party keyboard Macros recorder that can assist you to edit and share a variety of Macros. 

Let us First tell you how to set up Macros on your PC. 

Steps to Set up Keyboard Macros

  1. First, you need to create a keyboard shortcut for the app you need to create a Macro for. Mostly, it is an app that you are using and you can pin it in the taskbar. 
  2. Run the command prompt as Administrator and Ctrl+V, the content mentioned in the quotation marks “explorer shell: AppsFolder” A new window will be opened, displaying all the apps on your Windows 10 PC.
  3.  Now, you need to add your preferred app. 
  4. Right-click in your desired App and select the “ Create App” option. 
  5. Next, you will have a notification that you cannot create a new shortcut at the current location. They will ask you whether you want to create a shortcut and place it on the desktop. Click on the “Yes” option. It will create a shortcut on the desktop. 
  6. Now, you are supposed to move to the desktop and add the created shortcut. Right-click on it and select the “Properties” option. 
  7. From the option of properties, click on “Shortcut” and explain the shortcut key combination. It starts with Ctrl + Alt. If you need to check the third letter, just press it on the keyboard. In our case, we input the letter L. Once you are done with it, simply tap on ‘Apply‘ then ‘Ok‘.  

Your keyboard macro for the selected app has got configured with success. Just press the set key combination and your app will open automatically. 

Steps To Create Hotkeys

Hotkeys are utilized to call the action-specific PC commands with the help of a single keypress. In Windows 10, you can assign the specific keyboard keys commands then converting them to hotkeys. You can also utilize these hotkeys to approach different commands, Microsoft Keyboard Center, mouse features, shortcuts, to better enhance your work style.

Let us tell you about the hotkeys in Windows 10:

  1. Begin with installing the Microsoft Keyboard Center. 
  2. Then attach the keyboard that you want to configure with hotkeys
  3. Then click the Start button of Windows and click on the ‘Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center’. 
  4. Now utilizing the Hotkeys tab, click on ‘add new hotkey. You can then go to an existing hotkey from the list to give it another function.
  5. Choose the key you want to create a hotkey
  6. Now you can select a command for your new hotkey from the command from a command list. 
  7. Click on OK’ to design your hotkey.

Software Keyboard Macros

 You can choose the software route while creating keyboard macros. 

Keyboard Macros For Hardware

Only a selected option of keyboards support hardware macros as some keyboards do not contain the functionality or onboard memory to record and save macros. However, using the keyboards with hardware macros support, some have dedicated macros keys. Single keys assign to macros functions in the key combinations place.

Keyboards that utilize onboard macro recordings possess this information on their web page.  The benefits of creating keyboard macros on the keyboard are as follows. 

  • The macros are saved on the keyboard, so you don’t want extra set-up or software. Rather than that, you can easily use your macros-loaded keyboard using any PC whenever the two are compatible.
  • Hardware-recorded keyboard macros are one of the most suitable than software-recorded keyboard macros as the latter is more vulnerable to software defects. 

Keyboard Macros For Software

However, software macros are also recorded through a PC program then saved in a file. AutoHotkey or TinyTask are some of the most popular macro-recording software these days. 

Some benefits associated with software-recorded keyboard macros are as follows. 

  • Software macros can share it with fellows. You can also share software keyboard macros as files when you have the same macro software installed on your PC.
  • It is convenient to use. Relying on a GUI or text-script of the procedural performance of your software-recorded macros, you can then modify, view, and customize the macros for better performance.


Now, we can conclude that Keyboard macros not only enhance your keyboard performance but also improves your accuracy with Windows 10. Besides this, the software you install on your PC might also exploit your specific keyboard macros for their in-app operations. Other than that, it’s not convenient to make sure you use several keyboard macro combinations each time. However, this might be pretty difficult when Windows 10 is not able to notify you of keyboard macro complications. 

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