How to Spend National Cat Day with Your Pet


National Cat Day

Man’s love for cats would make them show uninterrupted care and love for their furry companion. Most cats would wish every day was a national cat day. 

Pets always do what they feel is necessary, whether messing around leftovers, creating marks on the couch when no one is around, or playing with their pet parents. Humans have one life to spend with this unique creature even though cats have up to nine lives to do whatever pleases them.

The national cat holiday is a day set aside to cherish this compassionate and caring pet. It’s also a time that you should deliberately tell the world about other furry companions that seek shelter. Nevertheless, most feline owners don’t know how to extend care to their pets on this day. 

Before we move further, we should have a proper understanding of the brief history of national cat day, the reason for that day, and activities that would make your cat love you immeasurably.

Brief History of the International Puss Day

Felines are known to be man’s best friend for a long time now. The man started training moggies as far back as when they dwelled in the Middle East, which is now Israel and Iraq of the present. Taming cats didn’t start suddenly; their relationship with the man took time to build. 

National geography shows that men had lived with kittens even before they became their masters. During 4000BCE, history shows that the Egyptians have adored cat carvings. It is not new that felines have excellent haunting skills; it could be how they catch rats in the home or the extent to which they play with toys thrown at them. 

Felines are a joy to have around. The kitty species became famous when sailors traveled with them to secure their pets food stored from rodent attacks. Wild cats are said to have originated from the northern part of Africa and southwest Asia, making them evolutionary animals. 

National feline day came about by a writer and animal welfare solicitor named Colleen Paige in 2005. The primary goal for introducing this day is to motivate pet parents to show more appreciation to cats, giving them so much happiness and companionship. There are more pet bonding tips you can consider when playing with your feline companion. 

The Main Reason for National Cat Day

An increasing number of our furry companions are either killed or rendered homeless every year. The main reason for the National kitty period is to create awareness for these kittens that don’t have lasting shelter. 

The website for this awareness states that all cats have the right to a home where they should enjoy their safety, being loved and adequately cared for. When you make your home a shelter for cats, you reduce the risk they encounter in the shelter home. 

Cats are not correctly cared for in shelter homes compared to the dog species; dogs carry out certain functions that kittens cannot. However, national cat day is a day we seek to advertise the great importance of cats as furry companions. They are lovable, compassionate, and fun to be with.

How to Appreciate Your Pet on International Day? 

Appreciate Your Pet on International Day

There is a lot you can do to show your love for pets and it doesn’t have to be on a special day. You can try the suggestions below anytime 

Raise a Cat

It would help if you tried to locate a moggy home or shelter around you. It would help if you came by to see cats and kittens that require a home. Matured pusses are easy to detect how they behave compared to kittens that may be shy. If you decide to own a kitty, meeting with the cat is an excellent way to start. It is helpful you know which furry companion is compatible with you.

Prepare Tuna Cookies

The main requirement for preparing a tuna is one egg, two cups of flour, a can of tuna, one spoon of oil, and parsley. It is not expensive to make. Felines love tuna, and it’s appropriate you serve them their best recipe on a particular day, as international cat period. There are suggestions here on what to feed your cat. 

Exchange Pictures on the Internet

It would be helpful if you had good pictures of yourself and your kitty on your phone. Images show the beautiful memories you have with your furry companion. On a particular day as international cat time, it is only respectful you post adorable pictures on the internet with a good caption about your feline friend. 

Doing so motivates other pet parents over the world to show beautiful memories of how they spent this special time with their felines.

Make Wall Shelves for Your Cats

You should know that cats have good climbing skills, mostly showcased on trees. But domesticated kittens can be encouraged to climb by providing wall shelves in your home. It is vital, especially when you have other pets in the house. Your cat can climb on it to avoid fighting with other pets.

Purchase a Toy for Your Feline Friend

Cats love to play around, and when they are happy, they play with whatever they see close to them. For those with old toys in your home, the national pet festival is that day you need to visit the pet shop for new toys. National felines period is a day you should know what your kitty loves to play with the most, whether battery-enhanced mice or a movable toy.

Give Your Cat a Massage

Most of you may think the way you pet your cats is the best, but you might not be doing it correctly. Every cat has different taste or fondness, and you can try this tips below and see how it works on your feline friend.

  • Head: Move your fingers gently around your cats’ ear for a short time
  • Shoulders: Use your thumb and middle finger to rub on your cat’s neck continuously. Do it gently down to their back
  • Tailbone: palpate the tailbone with a scratch. It is a sensitive part of the cat’s body.
  • Neck: rub the neck of your feline as you put a little bit of pressure while you scratch their chin.

Take Away

For those who are puss lovers, you must learn to value time spent with your feline companion, and it is good you know how to make that period count for you and your cat. The main reason for international feline time is to create awareness that cats still require shelter, and as you continue to care for your feline, don’t forget to show some love and compassion to those pets in shelter homes.

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