Steps to Take After a Truck Accident


Truck accidents can create extremely scary situations. It often results in loss of life or grievous injury that requires extensive treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to contact Johnston Law Firm immediately after the accident. The experienced lawyers at the firm can protect your rights and work in your best interest. 

Here’s what you must do after the truck accident.

Report the Accident: Whether you are involved in the accident or at the scene, call the local police. Maintain a safe distance from the road and ensure your safety. After the police arrive, an accident report will be filled out and you will be instructed on the next course of action. The police also arrange medical help for people injured in the accident. 

Medical Treatment: It is essential to seek treatment after the accident. It will help to diagnose injuries and prevent any further damage. Without proper treatment, it may be difficult to get compensation for the injuries later. 

Alternatively, if an individual dies or is grievously injured, his or her family can also file a compensation claim. Under the supervision of an experienced lawyer, that process can be conducted seamlessly. In such cases, the doctor’s report becomes important evidence against the guilty party. Depending on the extent of damage, lawyers can seek compensation for physical and emotional suffering. 

Check Witnesses and Gather Information: To make the case stronger, you must exchange information with other parties at the accident scene. Try to talk to witnesses and get the names, phone numbers, and insurance information of other parties. A witness statement at the accident scene can be very useful. You can also talk to your lawyer about this. 

Contact an Accident Attorney: If you believe compensation must be sought for the damages caused to you or a family member, call an attorney. They understand the true nature of an accident and have a thorough knowledge of local laws. Attorneys specializing in accident cases help to improve the investigation in the matter.

The lawyers not only use experts to gather evidence but also find witness statements. These can considerably strengthen a case in court and result in fair settlement. Compensation can be claimed for loss of life, livelihood and medical expenses. 

Negotiation with Insurance Companies: After an accident, insurance companies often try to suppress claims. But, if you let a lawyer negotiate on your behalf, you are likely to get a better deal. They understand formalities and legal clauses that can be applied to various cases. This makes insurance companies to easily budge from their position and process claims.  

How Do Lawyers Investigate Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often complex, especially when it involves multiple vehicles. To understand the exact nature of the incident, lawyers make use of experts who recreate the scene. They also employ investigators who unearth important information. After collecting the necessary evidence, they create a strong case in favor of the client.

Therefore, choose experienced attorneys who are well versed in this field of law. It makes the negotiation simpler and aids in faster resolution of cases. 

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