The Top 5 Sunglasses Worn By Your Favorite Video Game Characters


Let’s face it: it just wouldn’t be a video game supervillain without a pair of sunglasses! It doesn’t matter if it’s a good guy like Duke Nukem or a notorious villain like Rude from FF7, add a pair of sunglasses worn to a video game character and you’ve upped the cool factor instantly! 

Whether you dig the sunglasses or not, you’ll have to admit that there are some classic video game characters that just wouldn’t be the same without their shades. Sunglasses add depth to a character by allowing them to look more mysterious, cool, or poised, and sometimes they just add a fun fashion element. Either way, sunglasses are an important feature of many of the most iconic video game characters out there. 

Here’s a list of our top 5 sunglass-wearing video game characters and the best pair of shades to recreate the look for yourself.

1. Duke Nukem 

When Duke Nukem is blowing aliens up with heavy-duty firepower or quite literally giving them the “boot”, he’s always doing it rocking his iconic pair of square-framed shades. Duke Nukem was created as the all-American superhero: he’s a cigar-smoking, gun-toting alien destroyer that never fails to save the damsel in distress. What would such a tough guy be without his signature dark-tinted shades?

Whether you’re heading out to exterminate some aliens yourself or just off to another day at the office, if you want to recreate Duke Nukem’s super-macho vibe, try a pair of Oakley’s Gascan shades. With black polarized lenses and a heavy-duty steel frame, these shades will withstand whatever punishment you’re dishing out. By using an Oakley promo code, you can even enjoy a major discount on your next purchase!

2. Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat) 

Deputing as one of the original 7 Mortal Kombat characters, movie star and martial arts expert Johnny Cage is rarely seen without his sunglasses. A struggling actor desperate to regain the limelight, Cage signs up for the Mortal Kombat tournament in order to show his fans, and his many critics, he’s capable of more than just acting. His love of show business shows up in his signature move where he takes out his sunglasses and puts them on after winning a match. 

If you’re looking to recreate Cage’s look, choose a pair of classic Ray-Ban wayfarers. While the color of Cage’s shades may have changed throughout the years, the model never does and Cage is never seen without his classic wayfarer frames. 

3. Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Who could forget Dr. Eggman’s iconic glasses? The style is called Pince-Nez and it was popular in Europe during the 1800s. While it may seem surprising at first that a man so obsessed with technological innovation would be caught wearing such an antique pair of frames, you have to admire the practicality if nothing else – his Pince-Nez frames are small enough that they fit underneath his goggles! 

Want your own pair of retro Pince-Nez shades? Check out Nooz Optics. They offer a variety of reasonably priced Pince-Nez frames that add a modern twist on this retro style of frames. 

4. Rude (Final Fantasy VII) 

Who doesn’t remember getting beat up by Rude in Midgar? While Rude was never very talkative he didn’t need to be… he just let his awesome sunglasses do the talking! Sporting his suit and coat and his fists as weapons, Rude is effortlessly cool as he does the dirty work on behalf of the evil Shinra Corporation. 

To recreate Rude’s look for yourself, try a pair of polarized Persol shades. Sure they’re a bit on the pricey side but what’s all that evil corporation money good for if you can’t look your best? 

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