Ways to Take Care of For a Smooth Online Conference 


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The ongoing coronavirus has necessitated a work-from-home model. As a result, many professional teams are now conducting online meetings and conferences to stay connected with each other. This enables them to deliver projects to clients on time. However, conducting these meetings is a challenge in itself. There are many ways that you can enhance team collaboration with smooth online conference and meetings. Go through the following passages to learn how you can conduct them effectively to do this. 

Share the Agenda of the Event at the Start

It is very important to set an agenda for the meeting. This is similar to the way you may have noticed hosts set the agenda of a talk show on your Cox cable channels. Talk to the relevant stakeholders and share it with all participants over formal emails before you create a final agenda. This will enable everyone to go into the meeting with some idea about the discussion ahead. They will be able to prepare better before the meeting. This, in turn, will enhance the flow of discourse during the meeting. Additionally, make sure to guide all participants in terms of the chat feature and microphone and video settings.

Your Internet Connection Must be Stable

It is important to have a stable internet connection to conduct a virtual business meeting. While working from home, you may have to upgrade your existing internet package if it isn’t offering a stable conferencing experience. A bandwidth speed of 5 to 10 Mbps will generally enable you to conduct and host smooth meetings. Encourage the other participants to check beforehand if their internet speeds are sufficient for an upcoming meeting or not. The good news is that mobile data can also act as a usually reliable backup if your ISP isn’t good enough. Furthermore, it is important to keep your video calling software updated. And the same goes for every participant.

You Must Have the Power to Mute Everyone

Note that not everyone is well-versed with technology. Workforces are diverse, and many still have team members that aren’t used to technology that younger workers are familiar with. This is why some people may not know how to turn their microphones off which may disturb the speaker, especially if there is background noise. Therefore, you must have the power to mute all the attendees at the conference. This will help you to mute any unnecessary disturbance or noises that disrupt the meeting. Decent event apps give you that possibility, making sure the event runs smoothly. If anyone wants to say something, they can always send you a direct message or “raise” their hand (on video). 

Download Videos You Want to Stream

Streaming videos on a video call is not a good idea. The reason is that the meeting is already consuming significant internet bandwidth. Once you play a video on YouTube or the web, the internet speed will further decrease. This may affect the quality of the conference, especially if you are hosting it. Therefore, it is more convenient to download any key videos or animations before starting the meeting. Then simply share your screen with the video playing. However, make sure you have the necessary rights to use any downloaded material.

 Be Careful When You Share Your Screen

During a video call, it is important to protect one’s privacy. This includes all exchanges and communication. You must only share information that is intended for and relevant to all the participants and the meeting. If you know you are going to share your screen, it is wise to open up relevant windows in the background before the meeting. Simply use the alt + tab shortcut to switch between these windows. Make sure to close any tabs, windows, or programs not related to work. 

 Ensure Participation

It is necessary that participants in a meeting have the space to interact with each other. During the lockdown, virtual meetings are one of the only ways for colleagues to remain connected. Therefore, managers should make time in every meeting to talk to their team members and discuss any challenges or possible solutions to them. 

 Use Accessibility Features

It is important to include accessibility options in any online meeting. Not every participant may be able to interact conveniently with the information being shared. There may be a color-blind individual in your team who may be unable to see crucial visual information accurately. Another individual may have impaired hearing. Therefore, it is important to use accessibility features in the virtual landscape to ensure effective participation from everyone, including differently-abled colleagues. 

 Debrief After the Meeting

Once the meeting comes to a close, you must wrap it up effectively. A small debriefing session at the end will usually be helpful for everyone. Share the positive as well as negative aspects of the meeting. Also, share the improvements that you would like to see in the future. 

 These smart tips will enable you to conduct a smooth online conference next time. Follow them to increase the collaboration within your team.

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