Seven Creative Tech Startup Business Ideas for 2021


People have a never-ending obsession with the idea of launching the tech startup business ideas for their own business. As a result, they are searching for different ways to invest in their talents, provide value to potential customers, and encourage substantial financial gains. 

However, as we live in a world ruled by technology, it would be a no-brainer for such people to invest their time, money, and effort into creating a tech-based business. After all, the rate at which technology is changing these days is astonishing – and having the ability to help others and adapt to such changes in the process has the makings of a rock-solid business foundation.  

But before you get started, you need experience and education to understand the tech industry. You’ll have companies with years of experience competing with other companies for business supremacy, which will make it challenging for you to be competitive and unique. 

First things first, earn a degree to understand basic business ethics and skills. Without proper education, you’re jumping into a pool without knowing how to swim – you’ll drown. So this is an excellent time to earn an AACSB online MBA no GMAT degree, from the comfort of your own home. 

The best part is that you don’t even have to attend a physical university anymore; most educational institutions are now offering online degrees, which helps save time and resources for aspiring candidates. 

Listed below are a few tech-based business ideas that you can look into if you’re searching for a surefire way of leaving a mark on today’s digital world while earning substantial profits.  

Blog consultation services

If you’re an avid blogger who loves to write on different issues and subject matters, a small business as a blog consultation service provider is a lucrative business idea. You could provide valuable support to bloggers and various business types by helping them get their blogs up and running. 

While running a blog consultation service, you could also outsource your blog-related tasks and projects to third parties in exchange for a handsome commission.

Computer maintenance and repair

If you are technically sound, have an educational background in IT or computer sciences, or understand how computers work, then setting up a computer maintenance and repairs business will be the best business idea for you.

While operating your computer maintenance and repair shop, you can cater your services to various operating systems, computer hardware, software, etc. Furthermore, to supplement your income, you can sell multiple computer hardware such as keyboards, mice, monitors, hard drives, gaming equipment, and other computer-related items.

Tech Support 

Most small businesses lack the funds to hire a full-time in-house tech support team, making outsourced tech support a highly profitable business idea for individuals who are tech geniuses. You can offer data backup and recovery services, hardware setup and maintenance services, software installation services to such small businesses.

Furthermore, you can also provide round-the-clock twenty-four-hour support and monitoring services to businesses who want their IT systems monitored from afar.

Graphic Design services

All businesses require visual content to brand and market their services and products and attract customers. That said, becoming a freelance graphics designer means you’ll need a computer, a graphics design software like Canva or Adobe Illustrator, a multifunction printer, and a work portfolio.

Moreover, you can offer a wide range of niche graphics design services, including display ads, flyers, infographics, hero images, T-shirt graphics, Brochures, etc.

Web Design services

web design and development business could be a profitable and fun way to make your dream of becoming a small business owner come true! Such a business idea is viable for individuals who are well-trained in the art of website design and development.

Suppose you don’t have the necessary web design and development skills and knowledge but still have a passion for technology. In that case, you could solve this by acquiring a degree in web design or completing a short web design course. Furthermore, all businesses require websites to market their products and services, so rest assured you’ll always have tons of potential clients looking to hire your company if you offer them the right price.

Mobile wallet payment solutions

Nowadays, consumers prefer online payment solutions over cold-hard cash. Nowadays, everyone purchases products and services online while avoiding visiting physical stores due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Not to mention, online payments via mobile devices make the entire purchase process more efficient and hassle-free.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there has been a dramatic rise in the use of mobile wallet payment solutions. If you have some extra cash on the side and some computer coding knowledge, you could develop a mobile wallet payment app to provide customers with an alternative solution to paper money. 

Although customers would have to link their bank accounts to the mobile wallet app, it will eliminate the need for entering their credit/debit card details again and again whenever making an online purchase.

3D printing services

Tech-savvy individuals with a passion for design and art would feel becoming a 3dD printing service provider is a suitable option for them. With sizeable growth and a varied client base, a 3d printing business might turn out to be an excellent investment.

However, individuals who want to cater to such an industry should be well-trained and skilled in the art of 3D printing and design. Moreover, if your business model follows the do-it-yourself approach, you will need to learn how to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain your 3D printers.


The recent technological advancements present endless money-making opportunities for tech enthusiasts looking to launch their businesses. We hope that our list will help you figure out which tech-based business idea is the right fit for your interests, skills, and knowledge. 

Whichever route you decide to take, the first thing you’ll need to do is write an effective business plan, acquire funding if you want to get your tech startup off the ground.

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