The Evolution Of Technology In the Gaming Industry


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Technology in gaming industry doesn’t have to refer to high-specs PCs or state-of-the-art mobile phones. Back then, it was sticks and stones. It was anything to keep you entertained and to have fun in the process. It didn’t really have to be that fancy in the first place.

Ever since the introduction of gaming in the 1940s, several big brands are now known by everyone.  Such as for gaming consoles, Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, etc. Their games also made it to the gaming hall of fame. Which are Pokemon, Zelda, Dead by Daylight, Final Fantasy, and a whole lot more.

Technology In the Gaming Industry

But back then retro and arcade games were the closest thing to these amazing brands. Pacman, Tekken, even Mario, and Luigi were more than enough. But let’s take a look at how amazing The Evolution Of Technology In The Gaming Industry took place.


First, in line we have Atari. Many of us don’t remember this groundbreaking gaming console that was released in 1977. It was manufactured and released in North America by makers, Atari. Cartridge-based systems were primarily used in this gaming console allowing players to play a multitude of games. The invention of Atari marked the humble beginnings of gaming systems.

Some of its famous games were Mortal Kombat 4, Driv3r, Test Drive Unlimited 1 and 2.

Gaming Industry

Arcade Games

Arcade Games are considered as the grandpas of the gaming industry. They survived the test of time, and are still standing today. There are still a huge population of gaming arcades all-around the world. We have Sega and Taito as pioneers of the arcade gaming industry which both are still known today.

Arcade Games are considered classic games, and take you a trip down memory lane. It was released in the 1970s and used electronic signals to display inputs from players to the screen.

This was a eureka moment for the gaming industry, which still stands until today.

Several famous arcade games today are Donkey Kong, Guitar Freaks, Circus Loop, and many more.

Gaming consoles

These are the big boys when it comes to gaming. The US alone has around 88% total population that has at least one gaming console. Gaming consoles definitely came a long way from being pixelated, down to advanced graphic systems. The gaming experience has revolutionized in ways that a player has full experience in gaming.

There are a lot of gaming consoles known to man, but we will talk about the big 3. Namely, Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox.

For example, Nintendo originally started as a humble but entertaining card game. Then it has been argued that it might be the world’s most famous gaming console. Thanks to the advancement of the Nintendo Switch then towards the OLED model, Nintendo’s unique gaming consoles have changed the game. 

Coming off as a Colored TV game, then the Family Computer, then the NES, it used the same circuitry as those of the arcade games. But thanks to technology, those pixelated days are long gone and a thing of the past. You can now play high-speed, high-graphic, immersive games, practically anywhere.


Smart Phones and Gaming PCs

With the boom of technology, gaming has taken a new face. The era of powerful smartphones and state of the art PCs are finally here. Not to mention, Nintendo’s Switch is also a powerful but compact gaming device you can bring anywhere.

We have arrived at the point that esports are held using smartphones only. The technological advancements have made all of these possible. 

Smart Phones and Gaming PCs

The problem with gaming devices at first was of course technology was not available at that time. But through several research, innovation, and invention, gaming is now something within the reach of many. Various microchips, specialized gaming fans, and other peripherals have made this widely possible. Not to mention, also accessible, this is because technology is continuously evolving as we know it. 

Virtual Reality

The newest addition in the multitude of gaming platforms, makes games, almost a reality. Virtual reality offers immersive realities when you wear their peripherals completely, almost sucking you directly into the game.

But there is another game that completely sucks you into it. Escape rooms. These are real-life adventure simulation games. An Escape room’s objective is to get outside within the given time frame which is 60 minutes. 

There are various themes to choose from in an escape room. Such as prison break, or if you’re into mystery fanfics, there are Detective and Mystery themes as well.

Virtual Reality

Because of the advent of technology, it is now widely used as an addition to birthday parties or celebrations. If you want to get creative, one of the best birthday party places or ideas, use technology. For example, in debut parties, there are smoke machines and a wide array of lights.

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Last Sentences

It is noticeable that as technology grew more, it became more compact, and smaller. But it also grew to become stronger and more powerful. You can hold escape rooms virtually now, and the smartphones are gaming centers. There’s even a crane game virtually! 

Apps, and systems, as well as technology, have created and impacted many lives. Who knows what technology can bring in the near future for gaming? Maybe a real-life anime fantasy game style could be possible. The limitations are endless.

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