The best Entertainment apps 2022


Gambling is relaxing and fun. Whether you’re on a boring train ride, relaxing in the park or on the couch looking for motivation, an interesting gambling app affects that time goes by more quickly. In this article, we report which apps promise a lot of fun and should definitely be installed on every smartphone.

Zen Match 

The app is a variation of so-called three-match games. The player has to combine three identical symbols in a row and receives points for doing so. He can use them to create a “Zen place” in the game itself. The game is available in the app store and is free of charge. In addition to gaming apps, however, there are also plenty of online arcade providers that can be used with a smartphone via a mobile browser. These provide plenty of slots that also run on the principle of 3 or more identical symbols in a row. Those who are looking for the right online casino can visit a free comparison portal beforehand and find out about some casinos to make the best choice. There, many reviews are provided, information about the security and seriousness of the casino and about the games and bonus offers, so that even laymen can find, for example, the casino with the best no deposit bonus. With a bit of roulette, poker, or a few rounds at the slots, any train ride will pass by quickly while even having the chance to earn some extra money.


If you like logic puzzles, you are absolutely right here. This is a free app in which you take on the role of Austin the butler. In this game, you have to turn a run-down mansion into a beautiful family mansion. However, you need a lot of coins for the renovation work which you have to win in various logic puzzles. The whole thing is not only a lot of fun but also challenges the gray cells. 

Minimal Dungeon RPG

As the title suggests, the game is quite minimalistic: monsters, NPCs, stores, and quests are simply presented as rectangular fields that you interact with by tapping on them. That sounds rather cheap at first, but it’s a lot of fun. With harmonious background music, strongly developed role-playing mechanics, and an appealing as well as steadily progressing story, you can spend many afternoons with this game. Lots of items, varied monsters, and smart gameplay ideas affect that the minimalistic graphic design won’t be noticed after a while.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is probably a familiar name to many people. After all, this game about medieval battles with numerous strategic finesses enjoys great popularity. In this gaming app, you have to try defeating other opponents in a multi-player battle. Two players face each other in a virtual arena. In each battle, the goal is to destroy the opponent’s three existing castles. The game can be played for hours and a lot of fun is guaranteed. 

Dirt Bike Unchained

Dirt Bike Unchained is a mobile game from Red Bull and won the title best iOS racing game last year. The game in which you saddle a motorcycle and race against other players in PVP duels is available for free in the app store. The app enables to compete against players from all over the world. The graphics are particularly well done and offer a great backdrop of desert, swamp, and forest. You can also form a team with up to 24 other players to complete missions and unlock in-game rewards. 

Score! Hero

For soccer fans, the Score! Hero app is the best choice. In this free game, you try to get the ball into the goal in more than 500 levels. Among other things, the goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal with precise passing. Once this has been achieved, you jump into the next level. The huge number of levels and their increasing difficulty is a funny challenge for each soccer lover. 

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