Important Things to Think About Before Starting a Company in Hungary


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Even with all the benefits, you might still need to put in quite a bit of time and effort when creating and growing your new business. To give you a helping hand, we thought we’d compile a few tips that are likely to be worthwhile for your Hungarian venture.

Top 3 tips for anyone starting up a company in Hungary

  • Start by getting a registered address

If you didn’t know, companies in Hungary need to have their registered address publicly available – and since letters will be delivered here, you must get yours set up as soon as possible. Similarly, you will need to have a Hungarian bank account and an accountant; it’s important that you get these two factors sorted out, so you can avoid any hassle that could potentially come your way.

Typically, the process only takes 4 to 5 business days, so many individuals prefer to be there in person and manage everything as necessary, to ensure that it all goes smoothly.

  • Figure out what you’re going to need

Starting up a company isn’t always an easy process and in most cases, it’ll require quite a bit of work. It will often also need a variety of supplies too; from machinery to office equipment. The things that you need are likely to be determined by the type of company you’re creating.

Shelving is one aspect that several businesses will need to consider and if you’re in this situation it might be worth looking for a local Hungarian shelf company to supply exactly what you want. From finding custom fittings to quality materials; it’s always worthwhile to go with a team of experts if you want to get the best possible service.

The same goes for anything else you might need – and luckily, there are often plenty of providers out there who can be of service.

  • Sort out all the basics

With factors like starting up a business that you’ll be passionate about, how you fit into the market, and even your target audience to think about, several things often prove easy to overlook.

For anyone in this position, our advice is to not lose sight of what you want from your business and to have some of the basic ideas, plans and goals in place for you to follow as you progress through setting up your own company in Hungary.

Final thoughts

From finding the right Hungarian shelf company, to ensuring that you get everything you need to legally run your venture; there are often a lot of things to work through. Because of this, it’s vital that you carefully consider every aspect of the task – government regulations and legal requirements, the necessary paperwork, getting yourself established, equipment, and even marketing campaigns should be at the forefront of your mind.

Starting up a business is rarely a walk in the park, so make sure that you have a strict plan in place to help you structure the process and make the most out of every step of the journey.

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