Three Indoor Games Every Home Should Have


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Three Indoor Games Every Home Should HaveMost people consider indoor games to only mean board games or some other sedentary games. While these are enjoyable, indoor games can be tweaked to energize, boost social interactions and even encourage learning..

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, most families desiring fun time have relied on outdoor games either at the park or garden while others prefer visiting casinos to stake some NBA or  NFL lines or sporting arenas to enjoy live matches. Some families don’t even get the chance to sit with family members because of tight schedules, work, or demanding city life. 

However, the Covid-19 lockdown has made sure families get to spend a lot of time together and even though this is good for family bonding, boredom soon sets in with most families resorting to homemade indoor games to break the boredom.

Even though Covid restrictions have begun to relax worldwide and people can now catch a game outside, some families are still opting to keep some indoor games handy as the culture of ‘family time’ should not be neglected once again.

Moreover, the economic setback caused by global lockdown has set financial restraints on many families and many people cannot afford the usual outdoor gaming experience they usually do enjoy. 

Sometimes, harsh weather conditions like hurricanes and snow may prevent families to have their game time together or most especially, the outdoor games as much as they’d want, therefore limiting them to the confinement of their home space for several days.

Most people in post-Covid have had to rely on indoor games as these games provide a source of entertainment and they are usually cost-effective.

Some families already enjoy a tradition of indoor or usually tagged ‘game night’ because it offers an excellent opportunity of making memories without having to worry about their finances while enjoying the most important thing. Fun!

However, whether you are looking for an indoor game to select from or looking to add more to the already fun games you have at your home. We’ve rounded up three important indoor games you must have which you can enjoy with a partner, family, friends, or even your foe.

Snake and Ladder

Snake and Ladder? Yes! This is an age-long – multiple players’ family game that helps children develop social language skills and also help them understand those horrible things can happen without warning.

For instance, a player so far ahead in the game may be so elated to take the lead only to find his/herself spirally down a snake’s belly because of a bad roll. Everyone laughs at this and this offers another participant an opportunity to bask at the glory of leading.

The game also helps children recognize numbers quickly, uniting the written symbols on the game board with the meaning of the values they might have already understood.

In fact, this game can improve children’s learning ability, while enjoying the fulfilled fun that the game itself brings along. Most importantly, the Snake and Ladder board game is much cheap to afford and sometimes might even come for free 

To play this classical board game. It only involves the use of board and dice – while each player have their counter at the genesis of the board while rolling the dice in turn until the winner emerge by the virtue of the first player that escape the obstacle to climb the ladder to the end 

Despite the obstacles that comes with the game, having to find oneself under a ladder means that such player have earned extra points which could propel the player further upward – but having a contrast luck while lucking at the head of a snake. That means such layer will suffer a setback while sliding down the bottom of the snake.


Scrabble remain one of the most entertaining, educative and competitive game that improve the assimilating character of the players, irrespective of the player’s age. 

This multiplayer all age game is so exciting and competitive. In fact, there could be no winner or loser in this game as the winner get the excitement feeling from trouncing their counterpart(s), while the loser can benefit from the wealth of word’s knowledge exhibited by other players. 

Besides the fact that it can improve the player’s vocabulary and mathematical skills – while challenging at a given interval ensure the betterment of cognitive function of these players. However, it is quite entertaining with lots of laughter and fun to go around. 

More so, the objective of Scrabble is for a player to score more points than their counterparts – while gathering their points by placing words on the game board. 

However, it should be noted that a player can’t use any words as like except the words accepted by a predefined dictionary. Also, each letter has a different point value, so the strategy becomes to play words with high-scoring letter combinations.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game

Monopoly Game

Generally, a monopoly board game is one of the most addictive game that many players get fascinated about with tracking the pool of time spent on the game. Though, the game teaches the player on the importance of making financial choices while scaling the preference to life.

Monopoly is another multiplayer indoor game every family should have.  While it can be played by adults and children above the age of seven, it comes with intellectual advancing. 

It’s a traditional board game that uses monopoly dollar but now has moved on to credit cards. All participants get the same amount at the start of the game, while the player can buy land, buildings, casinos, and malls at the roll of the dice. 

However, the idea is to make more money and have more investment than other participants at the end of the game. What the player need is just a monopoly board, banking unit, cards, dice, to enjoy this ever-entertaining game.

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