Three Levels of Pain Points in Customer Experience


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​​Seamless customer experience doesn’t just happen; the ingenuine efforts to improve customer experience go a long way toward ensuring that customer loyalty is built, customer retention is maintained, and new customers show interest in engaging with the brand.

The main motto for a customer experience consulting professional is to keep user goals in mind and plan solutions to help customers have a smooth end-to-end experience with the brand.

Yes, customers might get into trouble with the company’s products/services, but assisting them to address those problems in a friendly environment is the skill of a customer experience professional. 

So, let us now understand the three levels of pain points in customer experience.

To understand the three phases, you must know that the customer journey begins immediately when a customer gets to know about a brand and starts associating with it.

Now, problems can crop up at any time when the customer interacts with the brand, decides to buy its products/services, uses it during the relationship-building process, and so on…

So, what are the three levels here and the pain points? 

The interaction phase

X wants to buy a product/service from Y, but before making the final decision, he has particular queries about the product/service. Now, he contacts the support team to get clarification. However, instead of noting down his questions and getting back to him with replies, the support team keeps making him wander from this team to that team or to the customer rep who will be able to handle the query.

The customer experience, in this case, will be pretty poor, so much so that the customer, X in this case, might even decide to not interact with the brand further. When a customer is displeased, the company incurs a loss. The loss is something to be worried about. Nobody wants to lose their precious time and energy by explaining the questions or issues time and again. 

The journey phase

The customer, X, buys a product/service, but to his dismay, he doesn’t receive what he paid for, for days and even months, even after the estimated delivery date passes. In fact, for some customers, it becomes a harrowing experience because if they choose to reschedule the delivery due to some personal issue, they might be asked to wait.

So, the pain point is essentially this never-ending waiting game. The entire customer experience journey becomes bitter, and customer X then decides he will never ever interact with the brand.

You may ask: what are other problems customer X might face? So, he might have faced troubles due to the lack of communication about how long he must wait before he could use the product/service. The weird behavior of the customer service team because they did not let him reschedule the delivery date, lack of flexibility and understanding is a massive drawback that harms the overall customer experience.

This is why many companies nowadays bank on trusted customer experience management platforms and seek customer experience consulting professionals to enrich the consumer’s journey stage. 

The relationship-building phase

 Many companies do not understand that what puts their customers off the most is ads. People take subscriptions to OTT platforms, yet some OTT platforms make their subscribers watch ads which is tremendously annoying.

Now, what will the customers do?

They will shift their interest to platforms that do not annoy them by making them watch ads. Not being able to live up to customer expectations can be tremendously harmful to the company because they lose loyal customers who otherwise would have ensured a steady revenue flow.

In fact, some companies do not bother to solve the customers’ issues even when they repeatedly try to draw the company’s attention to the pain points. So, what does this careless behavior do? It shoos away promising customers because why will anybody waste their time and energy on a brand that doesn’t care? So, the one that could have turned into a cordial relationship is ruined forever.


Customer pain points are of different types. Some are very specific, while some are broad. Some pain points can be pretty grave, while some might be trivial. Whatever the problem, a company’s motto should be to address those pain points and suggest solutions to enhance the customer experience to make customers come back to get services or purchase products from a brand.  

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