Tips for the Online Business during the pandemic


The majority of countries face pandemic challenges again. In most cases, governments decided to close offline businesses again and it’s a period of the new year where most of the people buy gifts. In this post, we give you very important tips on how to increase sales on digital platforms during the second wave of lockdowns. You’ll learn secret tips and how to use the Instagram business package option as an advantage.

Tips for the Online Business
Tips for the Online Business

Give your customers a choice on Instagram

In order to adapt to new expectations, companies should consider introducing click-and-collect. An average of 56 percent of Christmas shoppers worldwide is interested in the option of ordering online with pick-up on-site. Click-and-collect has advantages for both buyers and retailers: purchases are possible around the clock and last-minute purchases are no problem either.

What could be our recommendation? Click-and-Collect is not specifically aimed at Instagram. Also offers this option on Instagram, but not exclusively. Click-and-collect is a very popular option, especially during the second Lockdown Light. In addition, not all companies will have a high-performance online shop in 2020, or will still not have one.

Click-and-collect offers can also be communicated via the Instagram feed and stories by companies that are not yet optimally positioned with their online shops. Of course, it is also important to communicate this in your own branches in order to guarantee a smooth process. Click-and-collect is only a good customer experience if online and offline are well coordinated

Get creative and appeal to the community with video formats

Video content is becoming increasingly popular, both with the community and with companies. They entertain, educate, and draw attention to your products. This is exactly why we have now introduced shopping on IGTV worldwide. This allows you to mark products from your Instagram shop directly in videos with just a few taps.

We’re also testing shopping in our new Instagram Reels format this year – so get started and experiment with formats that introduce you, your company and, of course, your products to completely new target groups in moving image storytelling.

Videos are no longer just an addition to Instagram, they are among the most successful formats. Especially in the case of stories, it can be seen that videos are not only consumed longer, they also achieve higher awareness. Companies should use short videos, especially when products are presented and explained. When it comes to videos, think of the new Instagram Reels format.

See how you can use your moving image content for different formats. What is the version for the feed? How can reels and stories be combined and what about storytelling? You should consider these points holistically and not only during the Lockdown Light. Here, however, the content has to be adapted to the recipient’s situation and provided with the necessary context.

Show what you can, pass on knowledge, and earn money with it

Facebook pages can now create an online event, promote it, charge a one-time participation fee, and control access to the event. And all in one place. For example, cooking or fitness courses, meet & greets, expert presentations, and more are conceivable.

If you have to partially or completely close your shops in view of the COVID-19 restrictions, this is a great alternative to stay in contact with your customers. Connect your online events with product promotions and bundles that participants can buy in your shop before and after workshops.

Our recommendation: Paid Facebook events have the advantage that they have established functions of the social network. People can interact with the paid Facebook event, recommend it to friends, and post about the event. But there are of course many other options for hosting an online event. This should be mentioned at this point and especially in 2020, many providers have been added who offer many other functions for interactive design in addition to the pure implementation of the event.

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