How to Transfer Internet Service When you Move 


Relocating can be a complex and stressful task even when you are just moving down the block. Transferring internet service may not be at the top of your list at the moment, but you will be glad to have it active at the new place when it comes time to sit back and relax.

1. Call Your ISP and Ask If Service Extends to the New Address

Call your ISP. Tell them that you may soon relocate. Verify that they can provide internet service to your new location. If they can, ask them if there is anything you should know and anything you should do. Our list here should have you covered, but each ISP is a bit different. If your current ISP does not provide service in the new area, it is time to start shopping for a new broadband internet plan!

2. Check If There Is Additional Competition in Your New Neighborhood

There is a wealth of evidence that internet service providers like Spectrum charge based on the options you have available. There are even cases of neighbors in the same neighborhood being charged different rates due to this. Take a bit of time to see what your options are in the new area. Maybe they are better, but even if not, there is a good chance that you can use that information to negotiate yourself a better deal.

3. Inform Your ISP of Your Move and Set a Date

It is time to call your internet service provider back. Inform them that you are relocating within their service area, and set a date. In most cases, the destination will already be wired to go, and this will be really simple. They may have to activate service at the control box, which can be done without disrupting the current residents. If they will need access to the house, then you may have to wait until the day of.

4. Ask Your ISP About Any Potential Specials

Ask them if there are any specials that you can take advantage of to lower your costs. In some cases, there are even specific deals for people relocating, and even if the savings are short-term, it is still money that can be spent elsewhere. Moving is expensive! Also, if you found any additional competition, this is a great time to mention them and the fact you would like to negotiate a better deal.

5. Ask Your ISP About Potential Bundling Opportunities

If you have multiple services with the same company, such as internet, streaming services, and phone, or will when you move to the new place, ask about bundling opportunities as well. Bundling generally saves $10 a month at a minimum and can save as much as $40 a month!

6. Bring Your Cable Modem and Router With You

Unless your ISP specifically tells you otherwise, you will want to bring your current cable modem and router with you. Do not pack the equipment. This equipment should be among the last you unhook and load, and you should place it in a box that is accessible and easy to identify.

7. Perform a Speed Test to Ensure That All Is Well

When you arrive, set up your equipment. Next, run a speed test using a device connected via wireless and another using a device connected via Ethernet. Hopefully, the speeds are just as good or better than there were at the old address. If not, it’s time to call the ISP and troubleshoot with a technician.

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