Unique Photoshoot Ideas to Try Out


Unique Photoshoot Ideas

Whether you’re looking for ideas to photograph your friends or clients, finding photography inspiration can be difficult. Although you might have a few ideas up your sleeve for everyday situations, sometimes you need to find something else to challenge yourself further. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some unique photoshoot ideas that you can try out and possibly incorporate into your work. Let’s check them out.

Couple Photos at Different Times of Day

This idea might challenge you since you’ll need to spend the whole day with a couple, but that’s what contracts by Honeybook are for. You can even agree on different days if the couple isn’t available for a full-day shoot. Make a formal agreement with the couple and stick to it to get unique results. 

This idea allows you to try out several photo shoots throughout the day instead of focusing on one type of lighting.

Naturally, do your best to experiment with different poses and photography techniques, which works even better if the couple is willing to cooperate. This shoot will provide you with more photographs to choose from, and it will help you further sharpen your creative eye.

Experiment With Shadows

Shadow photography is something you’re probably already familiar with, but the concept is so broad that experimenting with shadows should be done more often. If you have some photography experience, you know the middle of a sunny day is not the best time for a photoshoot. However, it’s the perfect time for experimenting with shadows.

These conditions are perfect for trying out different poses or even faces for close-up portraits. You can start by projecting the source of light onto your model from different angles until you find one that works best. But avoid projecting intense light into your model’s eyes.

Another great tip is to use nets or curtains to create patterned shadows. It’s all about experimenting, so remember to have fun.

Base the Shoot on Hobbies

Photographing something you’re not familiar with is a great way to step out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean you need to dedicate a professional photoshoot to one hobby, but get some of your friends to volunteer so you can practice your skills.

Anything can prove to be a good idea, from sports like basketball, cycling, swimming, and running, to yoga on the beach. You’ll also probably come across some friends who enjoy painting or dancing, so why not snap a few unique photos of them.

What’s more, you can make the whole thing even more interesting by telling a photo story.

Take Your Favorite Toy on a Journey

This might sound silly, but why not take your favorite childhood toy on a photo shooting journey? Whether you used to enjoy playing with Barbies or cowboys, a toy can help you further establish and develop your skills as a photographer.

The idea is to place them in different situations, like walking on the beach, stuck in traffic, sipping coffee, or even a whole scenario that tells a story. You must experiment to learn something new that you can apply to the job later on.

Change the Perspective

This is easier said than done but changing the perspective you’re shooting from can do plenty for your session. Avoid shooting straight ahead, but instead, try pointing your camera down or up at all times. This way, you might see something that you would otherwise miss.

Similarly, such angles will likely train your vision to look for composition in places you wouldn’t normally look. Balconies and high floors are good places to start when photographing things looking down. You can also lie on the ground and search for tall things to photograph. If you have a specific subject, getting closer to them while lying down will make great photos.

Just remember to use a wide-angle lens when looking down to get better results.

Do a Self-Portrait Shoot

Finally, you can learn a lot about photography by doing a self-portrait photo shoot. It will give you another chance to experiment, this time with you on the other side of the lens. The idea will probably help you relate to your models.

You can try out some new poses that you can use on your models afterward or even try some that you’re using now. You can even set up a scene to express your mood.

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