Use crypto to play classic games: BTC gambling guide


For many years online gaming platforms were struggling with many regulations and KYC procedures by the governments. It has been affecting the players’ experience all these years but today it is somewhat a thing of the past. Thanks to various cryptocurrencies on the market, gamblers are able to participate in their favorite entertainment without any unnecessary actions.

Various eth, usdt, or btc gambling game software units are available in the top local casinos. In order to check if the site is accepting payments in that form gaming website rankings can be used. Users, there may sort gambling platforms by payment options, software providers, welcome bonuses, etc. It is also important to check the blacklist status of the chosen platform. It means the place was confirmed to have shady business strategies and must be avoided by any fair gambler.

2 dices are enough

One of the better ways to increase the number of etc in the investment wallet, for example, is participating in the game of etc dice. Depending on the software providers, the rule may change  drastically, but the general idea looks as follows:

  •       player chose the type of bet;
  •       dealer confirms it and starts the game;
  •       when the dices rested on the table, check the numbers on the upper side.

The riskier bets are the more times the win will be multiplied. At the start of the game players predict dice numbers separately, the sum, more or less. The trick to growing the bank is balancing the bet amount, its types, and the time to bail out.

A famous game of cards

For veteran gamblers dices is often perceived as a boring and purely luck-based activity without any strategy to follow. Then a great pick would be any blackjack software out there. From the first mentions in books of well-known Miguel de Cervantes to this day the game constantly evolving but retain that mundane charm. More than 20 different mainstream rulesets are in the use by developers from:

  •       Novomatic;
  •       Aristocrat;
  •       PragmaticPlay;
  •       Yggdrasil;
  •       Evoplay.

The game of 21 (its alternative name) has its main goal exactly in the title. The player or dealer must have a hand of 21 points in order to grab the bank. Alternatively, the number of points can be lower but not exceed 21. The value of regular cards is equal to their number while cards from J to A have 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 values respectively. There are many quick-to-read books written on blackjack strategies that will help to start ending sessions with a positive score from day 1.

It does not matter the game your pick, more important to have a good time. If these 2 aforementioned types of gambling software are not your cup of tea many slots and table games are there! Roulette, 5 reel megaways slots, and BTC bingo are just the tip of the iceberg. Register at the trustworthy local casino, grab welcome rewards, and earn more crypto than using any exchange!

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