Vaping In Movies : Behind-The-Scenes Process


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Movies Mirroring Reality

Vaping in movies has become an integral part of our everyday life these days. People with vaping devices can be seen everywhere: next to the most modern office buildings, in the rare green areas, or even next to their nicely-fenced private houses. The use of vaping devices is getting more and more widespread even despite the government trying to restrict the use of these devices because of the possible negative side effects that they might cause for future generations.

Popular culture (music, movies, theatres, street art) and Apple podcasts, and Tik Tok videos depict how we live today. This, to some extent, includes the use of vaping as well. For example, when you visit a non-classical theatre studio, there would always be at least one play where one person uses the vaping device. The same principle works for movies. However, in film, they can even use fake cbd vape oil, which people can take for real.

Movie Problem

Here we come to the problem of how movies reflect modern, constantly changing reality. Not everything that is shown on the big screens can be performed at home. Moreover, the percentage of reality in films is decreasing annually. The point is that such things as vaping devices cannot be described in the movie from various perspectives unless it is a documentary about vaping devices. In such a case, for sure, it will clearly explain how to distinguish between the cbd vape juice and dry herbs, types of coils, and all possible health effects.

Vaping in Movies

As actors were smoking in the films of the XX century, they vape in the movies of the XXI century. It seems to be logical. However, the point is that they were smoking while it was not revealed that smoking could lead to the development of severe respiratory illnesses. After that, the situation changed. One might argue that the case was the same for vaping devices. For example, when shooting the movie “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp, many people considered vaping in movies to be a healthy alternative to smoking.

The argument that does not allow this theory to develop is that vaping pens contain nicotine. And at that time, scientists, doctors, and authorities already knew that nicotine is an addictive substance, a drug. Moreover, the FDA had never approved vape pens then, which should have prevented them from using all existing vaping devices in the movie. At the same time, we cannot say that vapes are the only destructive things shown in the movies. Another worrying tendency is the presence of marijuana as a part of the routine in more and more modern films.

For example, the use of cannabis is an inevitable part of many action films. Sometimes it is even shown in romantic films or films for family viewing. For instance, in the movie Bad Teacher (2011), the main character uses marijuana to relax after a list of bad events happening in her life. It was seen as a normal situation. We’re the Millers (2013) can serve as an additional example. The plot is based on people posing as a bogus family and bringing some marijuana from Mexico to the United States.

After watching such films, there is no surprise that some teenagers are zealot to try the best cbd vape oil out. It is also important to remember that we are the products of our society, and to change ourselves; it is highly recommended to change the social bulb that we are immersed into. Movies do shape our perception of the world. Numerous developing countries show that the generations grown up on Hollywood movies drastically differ from their parents, whereas the generation gap in the United States is not so deep.

What Really Happens Behind the Scenes?

We know that when we see lovers making love in the movies, they just pretend. That does not cause any doubts in our minds. We cannot imagine a situation when the real sex scene would be shot. The same happens now with cigarettes. In fact, actors smoke, but the substance is not real nicotine. They are called “prop cigarettes.” Prop cigarettes are completely free from tobacco and thus not addictive.

Moreover, sometimes they use other herbs like rose petals, camomile, or clover, which definitely bring extra positive points to this activity. With vaping n movies, it is even much easier. There exist nicotine-free vape e liquids, which give the actor an opportunity to vape without faking the process. This is important for the actor’s play, emotional and psychological conditions of the actor. And for the way we see the film.

However, for those actors who smoke in real life, it might not be a problem to smoke in the film as well. At least, it used to be so for many decades. However, now there are more problems with that. The thing is that if the other crew members do not want to become second-hand smokers, an actor cannot smoke freely. Also, there are some films where the main hero is always smoking, which can harshly damage an actor’s health (theoretically, he can even file a lawsuit against filmmakers then). This means that both the actors, the directors, and the scriptwriters should agree on the conditions of smoking for each actor individually, taking into account many individual details.


I’m preaching to the choir, but films never depict reality. Many situations taken from our routine are always improved for the sake of the profit or idea of the film. Therefore, we should not pick harmful habits from movies, including using “the best cigarettes” or “the best cbd vape juice.” Critical thinking is our key to success.

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