Virus and Epidemic Games on PC

Locked up. This is how the entire world has been feeling, for now, for more than a year. A pandemic of such scale has not happened since the last bubonic plague. And that was in the fifteenth century. If you don’t have an all-knowing friend who serves as a games insider to tell you about new virus and epidemic games, you should switch to the Insider Games site. And while you are in search of a perfect game insider, we have prepared a video games review to watch while fighting or hiding from the real coronavirus pandemic. Below in this article, we will cover the Virus and Epidemic Games on PC.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

If Edgar Allan Poe were alive, he would have loved this game. Developed by Asobo Studio, the project is an adventure game with horror elements. Set in France, 1348-1349, the story is about two children, a 15-year-old girl and her brother, who run away from soldiers in times of plague and war.

The player is supposed to build trust between the characters since family bonds are a priority in the game. For instance, you should not move too fast. Otherwise, Hugo stays behind and starts crying, attracting the inquisition soldiers. Not being able to attack the cavalry is the worst part. Amicia only has a sling, which does very slight damage. Hence, stealthy moving is the best strategy.

The graphics are extremely realistic, while numerous scenes of violence make it a game for truly thick-skinned players. But if the player is a fan of Stephen King, they might find rotting bodies and hordes of rats pretty inspiring. Oh, one more thing. Use fire to fight off the rats at night. Otherwise, you’ll be eaten alive.


Another action-adventure game in which players must fight epidemic diseases. The town citizens have turned into zombie-like monsters. The player is the main hero who must untangle the story fighting monsters on his or her way to victory.

Created by FromSoftware, Inc., the game takes a horror genre to the next level. The worst H. P. Lovecraft’s nightmare coming alive. The player will find a lot of gore, phlegm, and all other body fluids one can imagine. Be prepared. For players who hate visiting doctors, this game is a big ‘no-no.’ 

The design of monsters is superb. Whether it’s a childlike creature with rotting flesh, a semi-skeleton with an enormous axe, or a huge mythical creature, each character has a unique design. The tiniest details make the combat experience especially pleasurable … and scary. 

The Last of Us

A stealth action game, spiced with gore and incredible suspense. We fear what we can relate to, yet The Last of Us is the scariest game in the list. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows a father and a daughter trying to survive amidst the world gone mad. 

Pandemic is a hypothetical reason for the apocalypse. And this is the scariest part. Not a greatly painted world of grotesque eerie locations or gurgling with blood enemies, but the real world gone crazy. The players will visit shops and trade centers, fields and villages, all objects we are accustomed to. 

Virus and Epidemic Games on PC


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Prepare for unexpected and terrifying combat. The game contains a whole hierarchy of the deadly-virus victims. The player must fight the Infected and the Clickers. The Infected or Runners are easy targets. You can fight them with firearms or hand-to-hand. However, the Clickers are the most difficult to kill as they can always hear the player. Whether you are hiding in the grass or trying to move as silent as you can, the Clickers hear everything.

A beautifully told story with mesmerizing graphics. 


This game may not feature photorealistic graphics and look bland to gourmand gamers, but it surely has a rich flavor. After all, games are not all about graphics. The first computer games were not fancy in this regard at all: check out Insider Games information on this.


Not having a distinct genre, Pathologic is vaguely described as the first-person action with detective quest elements. There’s a deep story with multiple subtle references to literature in it, and the story unfolds as if the player was reading a novel, participating in it at the same time. Pondering over eternal questions of life and death, loyalty, and treason.

What is it all worth when you get infected with an incurable lethal disease?

Why Play Virus and Epidemic Games?

  • Control. We cannot control the spread of COVID-19 except for following the prevention measures like wearing masks and using disinfectants. But in virtual reality, you have all vaccines (unlike the real world) and armor to fight viruses and mutated characters.
  • Predictability. You know (or hope) that you will survive. Such a peaceful thought. Once you are bored with the game or get scared, you can press the ‘off’ button. The nightmare ends. Unfortunately, it’s not the same when we have to face real life.
  • Hype-hype-hype. Pop culture reflects what’s going in the world. While the world is fighting COVID-19, we do not expect to play games with castles and princesses. Unless you’re playing Super Mario.

In the end, the player controls the reality in the game, knows that they will survive, and always stays in tune with the real world. There’s a pandemic in the game and the pandemic around: so, what’s new?

Final Thoughts

Virus and epidemic games have gained special popularity since the break of coronavirus worldwide, which is not a surprise. Whether you prefer Cormac MacCarthy’s terrifying reality in The Last of Us or a plague tale in the same-named game, it’s possible to find your jam. While the top scientists are still creating the vaccine against COVID-19, the least we can do is get busy with fighting infected monsters in virtual reality. 

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