Quick Fix: VLC Blu Ray Disk need Library for AACS Decoding?


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How can we fix BluRay Disk need Library for AACS Decoding?

Are you also suffering from the issue of VLC not supported BluRay disk? Hopefully, yes, because many people face the same issue, and they look for a troubleshooter. We tell you that you are in the right place and discuss BluRay Disk need Library for AACS Decoding. Keep on reading to know more about this.

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VLC Media Player is one of the mainstream media players on the greater part of the stages that incorporate Windows and Linux; people always use those media players capable of supporting BluRay Disk, but some report about VLC Media player that it’s not supporting Blueray disks.

What’s a BlueRay error?

When you try to open the Blu-ray disk on the media player, the following errors appear on your screen.

  • This Blu-beam Disk Needs a Library for AACS Decoding, and now your framework doesn’t have it. 
  • Additionally, your info can’t be opened: 
  • VLC can’t open the MRL ‘blueray://J::/’. At that point, check the log for subtleties. 
  • Thus, today, we will attempt to fix this issue.

Method to remove the Blu-ray disc AACS decoding VLC error:

Add libraries files to AACS:

You have to download these files as a third-party source because you may face a reply when you try to download your browser. It’s an unsafe file. After this, we will scan it and make it safe. As a result of the record’s unsigned idea, the URL and the document will be hailed from the program and afterward the PC. You folks download the document at your own danger.

Step by step guide for fixing AACS decoding VLC error:

  • To start with, go to this link
  • Type in the URL in the address bar and snap enter. 
  • It may appear a warning message that shows the site doesn’t have an SSL endorsement. 
  • Tap on the continue link if you need to continue. 
  • Click on the get the file link. Under Keys Database, 
  • It will, at that point, download the KeyDB.cfg file. 
  • Then, under the AACS Dynamic Library segment, tap that record hyperlink related to your VLC Media Player version. 
  • At the point when downloaded, that point makes copy the KEYDB.cfg file.
  • To open Run, enter Windows Key + R simultaneously.
  • Type %Appdata% and click OK. 
  • Press the New folder icon on top Of the Roaming folder. 
  • Presently name the folder as AACS. 
  • Open the recently made AACS folder and afterwards glue the KEYDB.cfg file. We made a copy in step 5.

Add libaacs.dll to the VLC installation folder

  • First of all, open the download folder and afterwards duplicate the libaacs.dll file to your clipboard. 
  • Secondly, open File Explorer and afterwards explore the below-mentioned location. 
  • C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC orC:\Program Files(x86)\VideoLAN\VLC
  • Inside the VLC organizer, you need to copy the libaacs.dll folder. 
  • When you have done, dispatch VLC Media Player and have a go at playing the Blu-ray disc that needs a library for AACS decoding error beforehand.


When you have done all copies of library files required by the VLC media player’s folder for smooth running, then your Media player will able to play Bluray disc without creating any bugs. The Bluray disc demands library files for AACS decoding, but you could benefit from this post if the media player failed to download.

Final Words:

Most of the users who have Windows and Linux use a VLC media player, but unfortunately, this media player failed to support the Bluray disc because it needs library files. Still, this media player couldn’t find them. This post explained step by step where and how you could add files to the VLC media player. Follow the steps and enjoy a bug-free VLC player with a Bluray disc. 


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