Review on Anonymous File Share Service called “Volafile”


A review on Anonymous File Share Service called “Volafile”

You must be encountered with lots of file-sharing services where you can share and upload files. Apart from that, you can access files shared by people by using different features of these services. Some of the most common services include Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox, etc. These are some of the most popular file-sharing services.

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One of the drawbacks associated with these file-sharing services is that you need to create an account or a profile to use these services. So, you need to compromise your privacy to rely on these services. If you want to use a file sharing service without creating an account then read this article till the end. In this article, we will introduce you to a unique file sharing service termed where you can share files without creating an account. 

What the is easy to use and comprehensible service. It gives you permission to share files with others in actual time. Actually, Volafile is attributed as chat rooms so that group users can upload and share their files in a room. 

You can create a new room or “discover” an already existing room that is created by another user. So, it is in fact a joining room that helps you to share and upload files. You can access files uploaded in any room as does not apply any restriction for users. 

What do the right and left sides of contain?

You are prompted to a dashboard as you click on the room link from the discover page. Here, on the right side, you will find a list of files uploaded by other users. Besides this, it also helps you to preview any of the files in your web browser. It also enables you to download these files on your PC by using the “Save link as” option. In case you are encountered with lots of items in any room, you can simply click on Videos, Documents, Archives, Images, and other links to show those items. You can also use a search bar to find out what you are searching for. 

On the left side, you will see a chat section. Here, you will see the messages from the users of that room. You don’t need to have a username to join a chat in any room. 

Create your own Room

Apart from using already existing chat rooms, you can also create your own room and give it a new name as you want. All the room looks similar means that you cannot customize your channel’s elements. 

If you want to upload a file, you can simply click on the upload button or you can also use the drag and drop method to upload your files on the dashboard. Files that you upload to are removed after 12 hours. You can see the time left for the file gets removed mentioned besides the file size. 

In short, is a wonderful file sharing service that can be regarded and relied upon the most because it does not need you to create an account to be used. 



Here we have provided you with complete details regarding an amazing anonymous file sharing service called We hope it must have helped you and assisted you to increase your knowledge about file-sharing services. Apart from that, we would love to hear your honest suggestions in the comment section. 


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