VPN vs. Proxy – What’s Better?


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We prefer watching videos, TV shows, and movies without any interruptions from geo-blocking in this modern era. Nothing is more annoying than knowing the content you wanted to watch is blocked in your region. For example, you’d be sitting in the USA but will not watch comedy shows due to copyright issues. Or you’d be in UAE and blocked from watching any segment related to British science-fiction due to your geographical location. below the article, here you find the VPN vs. Proxy – What’s Better.

To deal with such issues, You must have thought to find the best place to buy proxies. Some of the best proxy servers have enlisted here or a VPN vs. Proxy to avoid geo-block and increase your chances of accessing new content. So let’s have a look at both of these options.

Proxy server

A proxy server is a mediator between you and your internet with its IP address. Through a proxy server, you can easily avoid geo-blocking technology. However, most of these servers are extremely slow because their standard display resolutions have increased from 480p to 1080p. 

Moreover, some users prefer much higher resolutions like 1440p or 2160p. In higher resolutions, more bandwidth is required, and most of the proxy servers can’t deal with it. If we talk about privacy, proxy servers don’t offer that much.

 According to some experts, these proxy servers do not prefer securing communication protocols, enabling them to invade your privacy. They are less protective than VPNs and can cause malware issues.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs are comparatively easier to use; you have to download your provider’s VPN client and connect it to their VPN servers. This server mainly covers the IP address on its own and helps you go around the geo-blocking. It also enables an encrypted tunnel between you and your VPN server to protect your data.

You can also use this server located in some other region to access that particular region’s local content. This is why it is better to subscribe to a VPN service like AVG VPN that comes with various VPN servers. For instance, from the USA, you can choose English VPN to access British shows, which are only available to local IP addresses.

Now let’s take a brief look between the two options;

  • VPNs can be slower at times than proxy servers as they encrypt the data, but there are several ways in which you can improve the browsing speeds and your connection
  • VPNs are generally paid, it’s better to avoid free services as they come with certain limitations, where are many proxy servers are usually free
  • VPNs are supposed to encrypt your file while proxy servers don’t.
  • VPNs prevent you from government surveillance, hackers, and ISP tracking, whereas proxies don’t, and hence you should not trust them with sensitive information.
  • A VPN is more reliable than proxy server connections
  • VPNs are generally able to reroute your traffic, while proxy servers can only work on the application level

Keep in mind; not all VPNs are the same.

Avoid using a free VPN service. Most of the free VPNs are owned by unethical owners who can keep an eye on your activities and even sell your data to advertisers. These free VPNs usually don’t have any budget allotted to secure connections and harm your computer with malicious software. Moreover, these free VPNs come with prolonged speeds.

Therefore it is better to opt for a reputable paid VPN service Avast Secureline VPN for the privacy and security features. A VPN service also helps us when we are on the move. These VPNs secure public WiFi networks and guard the data from hackers, malware, and other cybersecurity threats. These are just some of the benefits that we can enjoy while using VPNs; such feasibility is not accessible if we use proxy servers.

What to Choose- VPN or Proxy Servers?

From the above discussion, we can see that a VPN vs. Proxy gets an edge over proxy servers. It is better to choose VPNs as they have better security and privacy and even route your data with the help of secure servers while encrypting traffic.

 On the other hand, a proxy server only passes the traffic using a mediating server but offers no extra layer of protection. Unlike proxies, these VPNs work on a properly operating system level to protect all the traffic. Hence choose a good VPN and access the global content at a relatively faster speed and protect your valuable data.

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