Web Portal App for University Students: Is It Good?


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Almost every minute of every day, most students have their smartphones in their hands. Phones and tablets represent a considerable part of the average student’s everyday life. That’s why a comprehensive web portal or mobile app is a must for a university student. But why? Well, the typical student expects to be able to access crucial information and essential systems from the palm of their hands. It’s how they interact with the rest of the world, so why wouldn’t it be the same for college life?

Student mobile apps first appeared in the early 2010s. But students quickly realized that these apps did not cover enough to satisfy all of their needs and wants. Simultaneously, students won’t use an app simply because it exists. The app needs to be functional and provide all the necessary information for an easy-going college experience.

So, let’s see what makes these web portal apps good and why students insist on their continuous upgrading and improvements.

Finding the Right Balance

Although everyone might own a smartphone, it is crucial to strike the right balance when providing information to university students. Some might think that computers are a thing of the past and that all millennial and Gen Z students rely on apps. However, that’s not entirely true. Many students still have a laptop. Research has shown that around 75% of students use two devices to connect to WiFi — a smartphone and a laptop.

That’s why it’s crucial to meet students halfway and provide them with a dedicated app and portal. Your web portal app for university students by campusM is the perfect solution. It offers informational content and course materials that help students navigate their busy and stressful university lives. Having options is crucial, especially with a target audience like this one.

What to Expect From a Student Web Portal or App?

If you haven’t had the chance to use student web portals or apps, you might not understand their importance. First of all, students need plenty of time to concentrate on their schoolwork and extracurricular activities to succeed in college. You can read more about it here. It is challenging for them to keep up with other student activities and stay up to date with paperwork, student fees, and similar. Luckily, a student portal or app can help navigate all of that.

You can now understand why having a single portal or app that promotes student activity, services, engagement, and similar things is essential. Moreover, such apps and portals allow students to socialize further. Whether we’re talking about face-to-face or online socializing, services like this one enable that. In the former case, students can spend more time with their friends by avoiding going to the offices or appointments in person, while in the latter, students can meet new people and form acquaintances online. 

But what content can students find on web portals and apps? Students can keep up to date with news regarding their university. Another, and probably one of the most important things for students, is the ability to book appointments with college staff and their professors. This is crucial since many students are too busy to go to the offices every day or may not even live on campus. 

Other things that students love are access to student boards, channels, and communities. A good side of such portals and apps is the chance to raise a question or ticket, go through the FAQ section, or create a poll. This way, students feel more connected to each other and staff members.

These portals and apps also have campus maps, chats, mentoring options, event schedules, staff directories, and more. All in all, students tremendously benefit from these services.

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