What is a PowerPoint Template & Why Do You Need Them?


Think back to the last time you attended a corporate meeting or conference. The best presentations always have two essential things in common. One, a confident speaker who can articulate their ideas succinctly. And two, a PowerPoint with a beautiful, consistent design that complements the speaker’s message. 

Trying to achieve the latter goal can be challenging if you don’t have someone designing a PowerPoint template with intention. Here’s everything you need to know about corporate PowerPoint templates, and why you need one for your next event, meeting, or conference. 

What Are PowerPoint Presentation Templates?

A PowerPoint presentation template refers to the design of individual slides or full decks. It’s a design blueprint that establishes and codifies your presentation’s visual themes. 

In other words, they create a visual standard for your presentation, which you can apply to each slide to ensure unity across all communications. 

Your template may include layouts, fonts, colour combos, icons, and any other specific feature you need. Some PowerPoint presentation specialists even suggest transposing these templates to Word so that accompanying documents share the same visual vocabulary as your deck. 

Why Does Your Business Need These Templates?

Here are three simple reasons why you need a corporate presentation template. 

1. Originality

Every PowerPoint app comes with built-in templates that guide you through making a competent presentation. You can locate these built-in templates when you first open the PowerPoint app.

Microsoft throws these themes in with the rest of their PowerPoint tools to help customize your creations. While these templates may be a step above making a PPT from scratch, they are available to anyone else with Microsoft Office. It’s entirely possible you could be using the same Microsoft template as a competitor!

A personalized template designed by presentation designers, on the other hand, can’t be duplicated. These presentation experts tailor make each template for each client, ensuring no two decks are alike. 

2. Efficiency

When you have a predesigned corporate presentation template in your toolkit, your teams will save a lot of time. You can say goodbye to building a presentation from scratch and agonizing over the little details. 

Instead, you can rely on established layouts designed by the experts, leaving you to drag images into place and add copy as needed. And if you’re still confused about how you can edit these templates, the best presentation designers will give you basic instructions to guide the way. 

Saving time here means your team will have more of it to devote to more pressing matters, like curating a killer message or refining your data.

3. Consistency

Branding is perhaps the greatest benefit of a corporate presentation template. Whether you’re designing presentations for internal or external use, consistent branding ensures your business displays a united front across all channels. 

Consistency within your deck can also streamline your visual design, making sure each slide looks like it belongs within your presentation. As a result, you’ll have a sleek, cohesive deck that inspires confidence in your brand. 

Bottom Line 

You’re busy enough as it is in the lead-up of a presentation without juggling presentation design. Why add to your increasingly long to-do list? Work with a design firm to create a corporate presentation template. 

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