What is PMI-ACP? Is there any free online course?


Worldwide, project managers embrace agile. Good communication skills and working together are critical for a modern project manager’s agile approach. Time is challenging and needs a quick response. The PMI ACP is fast increasing to the top of the best Agile certification in the market for the free online course.

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What is PMI-ACP?

Agile Certified Practitioners (ACP) certificate is issued by Project Management Institute (PMI), and therefore it is PMI-ACP. It is a combination of agile training in Agile projects and examination of agile fundamental principles and tools. ACP certification has a high level of professional integrity. This certification is universally accepted and helps people meet the need of associations that rely on certified Agile practitioners.

Why PMI-ACP certification?

If you have experience using agile approaches, good collaboration skills, complexity, and fast response times, your skills are in demand.

From those who have brought the PMP® to you, the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) recognizes your know-how on agile principles and your expertise in flexible techniques. It shows your stakeholders, employers, and peers that your agile knowledge is extensive.

The PMI-ACP is the fastest growing certification, created by agility for Agilist. It is no wonder. Organizations highly agile and responsive to market dynamics can complete more projects than their slower-moving counterparts.

The PMI-ACP encompasses several approaches to agile solutions, such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming, and Test-Driven Development (TDD). It will thus make your project more versatile, wherever it takes you.

High Demand

There is a high demand across the globe for competent industrial project managers. A valid certification will demonstrate your experience in project management skills, in addition to your academic background. 

Many professionals can understand and implement the agile approach in project management with the industries that mainly implement Agile techniques. The PMI-ACP Certification provides a platform to professionals who have already gained experience working as developers and project managers in Agile environments.

Wide scope

PMI-ACP covers a single method and a wide range of Agile methodologies such as Scrum, XP, FDD, DSDM, Kanban, Crystal, etc. PMI is designed to examine the professionals who practice agile approaches, instruments, and techniques in their work with this certification. The Risk, Planning, and Program Management certifications have been overtaken within one year.

Professional growth

The certification of PMI-ACP plays an essential role in your professional development. It shows employers your level of professionalism in agile practices necessary to manage projects. It also helps you learn from several agile approaches and improves your flexibility in agile technologies that enhance customer satisfaction and team efficiency. The PMI-ACP certification demonstrates that you have the necessary knowledge of agile tools and techniques and have professional resources to carry out any Agile-based project.

It makes you marketable

A PMI-ACP certification enhances your resume, gives you recognition in your own company and with other employers. It offers you a better chance of working towards advancing your career. It is beneficial for your Agile project management career. It provides many more methods, collaborations, and better prospects for the development of projects. With the growing demand for professionals working in the Agile environment, employers hunt for individuals having this certification with their project management expertise.

Benefits the organization

More and more businesses today adopt the Agile approach instead of the traditional waterfall model. The PMI-ACP certification helps identify active project management techniques and learn agile principles and practices that enhance team performance and collaboration, ultimately ensuring better understanding.

How to learn PMI-ACP?

Although more and more organizations explicitly request a certification like PMP or Agile in their job ads, PMP+ Agile certification is highly sought-after.

  • Plan to prepare

As a project manager, you must know the importance of preparing a plan and managing the time. The first and foremost task to prepare for the PMI-ACP exam is crafting the right routine plan to ensure other critical daily tasks. Good preparation for PMI-ACP takes 100-150 hours.

You would need to take 4 to 5 hours a day to finish your preparation on time. When it comes to examining questions and practice tests, more time is required. So, make sure you are well prepared for five hours from your daily routine.

  • Read the handbook

PMI-ACP handbook is available on the PMI website. It is the most useful material for you to learn about the guidelines and requirements of the PMI-ACP examination. It contains the necessary PMI-ACP basics that you need to increase your chance of passing the exam. Therefore, you must first read the PMI-ACP handbook before starting the preparation for the PMI-ACP exam.

  • Attend training or free online courses

Many project management education providers enable 21 hours of PMI-ACP training and certification as one of the PMI-ACP exam’s eligibility requirements. Consequently, the PMI-ACP training is more of a compulsion than a tip. The tip is to ensure you pay full attention and concentration in the 21 hours of PMI-ACP training. Don’t let go of your mind.

You can easily understand the concepts that you cannot understand during self-study. PMI-ACP training is the most effective way is to clear up all the confusion and answer all questions. There are, however, two types of PMI-ACP free online course for which you can opt. One is online, and another one is classroom training.

You invest less and get more with online training free online course. It saves you from the tireless work of going back and forth in the classroom. It enables experts to advance their training according to their busy life schedules. 

  • Take a practice test

The key to self-assessment is practice tests. There are many practice questions on PMI-ACP are available from different sources on the Internet. Whenever you have a particular topic, take a practice test to see whether you have a command over it. In this manner, the areas that you lack can be identified. Once the mistakes are identified, it becomes easier to improve them.

Final verdict

The demand for certified practitioners is, therefore, high today. PMI ACP is used as a standard to measure employers’ knowledge of Agile practices, which is particularly important for companies using Agile. Certified practitioners shall always be preferred over uncertified practitioners.

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