What services can be outsourced and what should you refrain from?


Young entrepreneurs often face a simple and at the same time common question – what competencies to keep and what can be outsourced to the team? Is it worth it to keep full-time specialists, for example, for accounting, or is it better to hire an external team and save a lot of money in this way?

Outsourcing is a relatively young business tool. In the IT sector, for example, this format of cooperation gained wide popularity in the mid-2000s, when social platforms began to develop and IT giants simply could not cover the growing needs with the help of the local market.

Then the baton was taken over by large trading players, for whom business expansion was also accompanied by difficulties in hiring personnel. Today, in addition to traditional outsourcing, there is also an outstaff format. The entrepreneur hires ordinary performers, and the management leaves under the control of full-time managers. Learn more about this type of work here: https://devoxsoftware.com/services/dedicated-team/.

In any manifestation, even when hiring a freelancer remotely, outsourcing, as a rule, fully justifies itself. After all, the customer does not need to worry about downtime. Even if the cooperation is paid by the hour, this does not imply payment for the time when the employee was sitting idle.

What is the advantage of outsourcing format?

The emphasis on non-core tasks will take a lot of time and eat up company resources. While full-time employees need to focus on the pressing issues that determine the success of the project. Outside contractors can be brought in to do the technical work and thus offload the right people.

Non-key questions often just slow down the workflow. They do not have conceptual positions that are worth spending a lot of time on. In this regard, outsourcing is a real salvation. The external team needs to correctly set tasks, integrate them into the information space and pay the declared remuneration on time. The main thing in this scheme is to choose a reliable and experienced supplier, with a positive practice in your product niche.

You can outsource almost any need and it is definitely beneficial if:

  • You have a young project and simply do not have enough hands to complete all the tasks.
  • The budget does not allow hiring full-time specialists with a regular salary.
  • The company is expanding and key employees need more time to complete their tasks.
  • The in-house team just doesn’t have enough experience to do the job: you need a programmer, developer, or designer with a solid portfolio.

Some entrepreneurs still believe that it is impossible to become an expert in their business if they regularly transfer tasks to external teams. At the same time, the benefits of outsourcing are so obvious that almost half of the companies in the US and Europe at least once used the services of freelancers or custom database development company.

What services can be outsourced to an external team?

At the start of a project, almost all owners are looking for an opportunity to save money. Today, accounting audits are among the leaders. Even companies with large budgets often outsource accounting functions to remote employees. Objectively, this happens when an accountant goes to a remote format and is involved as needed or when submitting quarterly reports.

Another important segment is logistics and transportation services. Young businesses often simply cannot afford to buy expensive vehicles. In this concept, it is easier and cheaper to involve an external carrier. The main condition is to hire an experienced logistician with a confident fleet of vehicles.

What services cannot be transferred?

It is not advisable to transfer key competencies of your company to an external team. If the owner decides to take such an action, then this is either an urgent need caused, for example, by location changes or financial difficulties, in which the owner is simply unable to retain the management team.

The execution of precise disciplines that do not tolerate mistakes is easier to entrust to an external team. The business owner simply does not have the time to learn the ins and outs of accounting. If the question concerns advertising or a marketing strategy, here, even in the absence of knowledge, the owner will have to immerse himself in the process and control the work on his own.

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