Whatever Happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini


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Whatever Happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini?

Twitch Streamer MissQGemini is one of the famous gamers among the other people that are on the same platform. She was a skilled professional in the games and she had a lot of fans. As cheating is somehow established in games, the same incident happens to her.

She was being accused of cheating at video games. Although it is not a crime on many of the game’s platforms but in case of Twitch, it’s one of the worse things someone can say about you. She was not accepting the claim of being cheat while gaming, but she is not available anymore, This may raise the question that whether she was actually the culprit of cheating others in-game. Let us discuss her more, and it will be a surprise for most of her fans.

What Happened In The First Place?

To cheat someone is a crime. Many platforms like CS and GO have caught many people when they were using cheats. But they remain anonymous unlike MissQGemini, who become a table talk when being caught.

It happens, when, in a live stream on Twitch, she began with a rant about how she’d been accused of cheating because she’s female. After making a complaint that this was nonsense rudely, she again started playing. In one of her recorded stream, it was seen that she was loading a profile, which immediately shows the other players who are on the other side of the walls.

As she was streaming live, and playing continually, suddenly realized that the other people’s are also watching her. The cheat she makes was open to everyone. To cover up the matter, she starts asking people whether they have this type of glitch, she also added that her friend Rock has this previously and now she is also having it.

After given this theory, she moved to blame one other friend Clara, who was banned before because of applying cheats. She said that Clara was using her computer earlier that day.

She was making lame excuses, blaming the friends, making the theories. But she was caught red-handedly, as people were watching her life. All her tricks were vain, she was also confused about this happening to her. She can’t way out to the situation.

Lastly, she ends up by signing off from her account of the game. After all this scene, she was never seen again on the stream. Many of the people were talking about her, her teaching, and teasing her by mentioning her the cheater. She can’t bear the title of a cheater with its name, this may be the reason for her grounding.

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Was she Banned?

As per the ebaumsworld, Yes, she was eventually VAC banned. But the streamer Twitch did not do that with her, it did not ban her from its platform. According to toMissQGemini, she has closed her account herself it was not banned at all from Twitch Streamer.

She mentioned this in a tweet on Twitter. She did not close her account from Twitter, there were a few subscribers of her on Twitter, about 50. After posting this she disappeared from the scene. Then after a week, she comes up again with a new name/account.

The Djinnnn

She then changes her account with the name The Djinnnnn. According to Reddit’s Twitch Fails section, she was banned only for a day. After changing the name, while keeping her subscribers on the account she starts playing.

But she can’t stream it to make some business and also the viewers can’t search her from the previous name. So, she has to pay to her mistake, she was not able to stream on Twitch unlike the other gamer do. It leaves a bad impression on her. It was observed that after was time the Djinnnn account was also unavailable.


MissQGemini, aka Haley Germaine, tried another way to be in the news or noticed by making a YouTube channel. But it also didn’t work for her.

She has only 24 subscribers on her channel. She continually uploading the videos here, but not getting the response. It is clear that it becomes difficult for her to make money by this source.

Maybe Apologize?

She tried different platforms to go further but did not get successful anytime. Some of the top business owners have a myth that you should not apologize for your mistake, rather try a way to cover up.

But in case of social media, it seems that without a sorry or apology to the people, she can’t re-enter to the circle of the games, in which she has the experience and a chance to make some money. So, the solution is also in the apology.

You should also learn from it that you will never try to cheat anyone. Because it may cause big damage to your character. You should not present yourself a hero but go to the possible way, either if it lies in the apology. Don’t hesitate, go for it. You will get some worth if you did it.

Stranger & Sadder Still

It seems that Haley has some bug in her mind, she tries a different way to get attention and become famous. It didn’t belong to cheating on Twitch only. Some years ago, she also perpetuated a story about how she was dying of cancer.

A gamer called Moh’Fuggah shared his story about interacting with Haley before she became Twitch famous and then Infamous as a cheater. Many other people are also found using the same tactics to be familiar. It’s like some kind of phobia.

Final Thoughts

No one can force you to do something good or bad until you have your own desire to do so. In the case of Haley, we’re much confident that “Clara” didn’t force MissQGemini to cheat while playing the game and streaming on Twitch.

It was unfortunate with her that she was caught, unintentionally. No one wants to look like a cheater, that why I am writing is as unintentionally.

A question is there that where is she now? No one knows, but hopefully, after all the attention-getting stunts failed, Haley went and got some help. Having a bad impact can cause a problem in your life.

Your life may be ruined completely. Everyone should take care of it. Do not cheat with others in any case. It will devalue your repute and you may not want to be the unethical or low category person in your community.

You can learn from the story mentioned here. There are also many more having the same situation. So be practical don’t try to exercise everything to get experience. Learn from the experience of the other.

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