What’s an AV Control System For?


AV Control System

The meeting space is one of the most important areas in any office. It’s where bright ideas are born; it’s where brilliant minds collaborate. To keep up with the changing times, meeting or conference rooms have evolved to become modern, equipped with intelligent technology that keeps things simple while complementing the way people work and communicate.

Most modern rooms for business functions are now fitted out with an AV control system, an advanced technology that handles sound and display. Since they are integral features of any successful session, paying attention to how users manage and control an integrated audio-visual unit proves to be of utter importance.

Yes, it is more than just about speakers and screen placements, although you might want to ensure that both are mounted properly. The display monitor, for one, must be prominently placed in the front. As for the speakers, you may click here for suitable brackets and soundbar mounts to ensure that the sound is of the same level in all parts of the room.

What’s the need for an AV control system?

Once you ensure the proper placements for your audio-visual equipment, it is time to look into this fantastic way of equipment control through an AV control system.

As the name implies, the AV control system is like the brain of the entire unit. It lets you manage AV solutions sans the need for a jungle of cables and a neat stack of remotes, which usually populate the boardroom. With this high-tech control, you can set up the system and do several tasks in a touch screen interface since all the AV equipment and other technologies in the room are connected to it. Yes, you can do more than just turn the sound low or up with this impressive device. You may also do the following:

  • Switch camera feeds, or you may also monitor displays from various feeds.
  • Turn the devices on or off, including microphones, cameras, display screens, and projectors.
  • Share music or content from one device.
  • Switch the lights on or off and change their output levels.
  • Control the temperature within the room.
  • Open and close door locks.

With an AV control system, you get to enjoy optimum convenience with the following benefits:

  • Create a meeting room that’s easy for anyone to use and navigate. You do not need top IT knowledge or skills to find your way around the device.
  • Increase user satisfaction with efficiency for every set of tasks since everything is just one click away.
  • Reduce the need for IT support.
  • Enjoy a tailored solution that meets a specific set of equipment and needs.
  • Take charge of equipment controls within one device.

Suffice to say, AV control systems simplify the tasks within the meeting room through a few clicks in a streamlined interface. They allow for much comfort while cutting costs without compromising accessibility and flexibility. With an AV control system on hand, you get to maximize the value of your modern boardroom each time.


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