Why Most People Think Playing Sudoku is Hard – 5 Reasons


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There’re so many types of playing sudoku, and their difficulty range from easy, fast, hard, medium, and giant sudoku. These include:

Different grid sizes: 4×4, 6×6, 9×9, 16×16, and more.

When people hear of a sudoku puzzle, they visualize a number puzzle with many squares. And automatically assume it is a 6×6.

However, there are so many variations involving sudoku puzzles. And this has revolutionized this fun game. Some of the grid options you may encounter include 

  • 4×4 (2×2 in a cage)
  • 9×9 (3×3 in a cage)
  • 16×16 (4×4 in a cage)
  • 25×25

However, grid layouts such as 6×6 do not conform to this pattern. 

You can enjoy sudoku free wherever you go as it is available offline. Playing this puzzle game on your device is as good as with real paper and pen.

The ideal sudoku free comes with varying features. That includes statistics that help you track your progress, undo options if you make mistakes, eraser, color themes, and autosave. It should also have an easy and intuitive interface to help you play better.

Other types of sudokus include color sudoku, image or symbol sudoku, word sudoku, jigsaw, and samurai sudoku.

Reasons people think playing sudoku is challenging

1. Most people think the puzzles are impossible to solve

Most expert sudoku gamers will confess that before they took interest in the game, they may have thought the game was challenging to some extent. And that puzzles are impossible to solve. 

However, valid sudoku puzzles are solvable. And even if you come across the most advanced ones, there’s still a way to go around it, such as using analog algorithms. The ideal sudoku has a minimum number of clues in the sudoku grid to have a valid solution.

Do not let misconceptions, myths, and beliefs keep you from enjoying playing sudoku. Every gamer can enjoy the game, age, and economic status withstanding. It is not just for gamers who are good at math or possess problem-solving skills. So, enjoy your sudoku free and play offline or online. The choice is entirely up to you.

2. You must be very good at math to solve a sudoku puzzle

Most people assume that since sudoku is a number game, it is only ideal for math lovers. However, this is far from the truth. As mentioned above, everyone can enjoy solving a sudoku puzzle. 

Sudoku is not about subtracting, adding, or doing arithmetic but placing numbers on a grid without repeating them within the same square, column, and row. Even though people who are good at math mostly find it a bit easy, it does not mean that they are the best players out there. 

Some of the things that will make you good at this game are having an ability to spot patterns, showing keen interest, and believing in your abilities. Anyone can enjoy playing sudoku no matter how their mind works. Even though you do not like solving mathematical problems, it does not mean that all hope is gone. 

Enjoy the game, and it will change your perspective and help you see opportunities where you can place numbers quickly. It all depends on you. 

3. People think sudoku requires guessing and are not good at it

The truth is, even though you have no idea which number goes in a particular space, you are better off not taking guessing. Guessing in a sudoku puzzle will often mislead you and lead you down the wrong path. You will begin to make avoidable mistakes and have numbered them all over. And this will result in misinformation for your decisions later. 

Sudoku puzzles generally involve momentum. If you make correct decisions earlier on, you get bound to make the right choices later in the game. Instead of rushing through and guessing, take your time figuring out the entire grid. Analyze everything carefully so that you will not make mistakes. 

When you do this, you will spot opportunities to place numbers. And proceed to know that the required numbers are in the required spots. 

After all, playing sudoku is not challenging. Just take some time and avoid guessing. It will make your time solving the puzzle worth it at the end of the day. 

4. Most people feel that the game is one of luck.

Sudoku is not a game of luck! As mentioned above, it does not require guessing. Solving a puzzle calls for skills, interest, and careful analysis.

When you have a clear eye of the grid, focus, and show determination, it will keep you solving the puzzle even when things are getting thick. Luck is irrelevant in this game, and expert gamers will agree. 

Also, guesswork in solving a sudoku puzzle is counterproductive. Sometimes when you do not know which number should be where, you want to guess to move to the next step.

Guessing will only bring you farther away from solving your sudoku, waste your time and give you a headache for nothing. Also, you will end up adding faults to your puzzle and will lead to more and more confusion. 

That is what makes most gamers frustrated with their puzzle. And this leads them to give up when they should have taken their time and carefully analyzed the details. 

That is one of the reasons to find solving a sudoku puzzle challenge.

5. They think sudoku is all about shortcuts.

When most new gamers are not guessing what number needs to be where they’re ultimately thinking of shortcuts to crack the puzzle. Yet, solving a sudoku puzzle does not involve taking shortcuts and fluky chances. 

If you want to be a good gamer, learn the basics and keep practicing. After all, practice makes perfect. That way, you will learn how to analyze the sudoku grid, and apply rigorous vision and thought processes to help you solve. None of these involves taking shortcuts.

If you put in the work, and time to learn and understand the why and how of the game, you will be far better than a player who loves to take a shortcut and believes that the game is a matter of sheer luck.

Learn how to develop and organize your thoughts as you scan through the grid. Recognize the varying patterns and spot any opportunities that lie in wait. And you will be good at this game.

After all, playing sudoku free does not have to be challenging as most people think!

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