5 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Hosting for Your Growing Website


Adapting to the latest technological advances is the key to successful business development. The need to move to a private virtual server for many reasons, including an increase in sales. The more potential customers visit the site, the higher the profit of the enterprise. However, an increase in visitors to the site leads to an increase in traffic and load. Windows VPS can help to cope with the growing flow of users. 

Compared to conventional shared hosting, a private one provides an individual operating system and the ability to configure it to the needs of the business. VPS server is a personal capacity, including disk space and bandwidth. The solution is optimal for entrepreneurs who are actively developing their businesses.

Features of VPS

VPS server is an intermediate option between shared and dedicated hosting. The site is located on the same physical equipment as the web resources of other clients of the hoster. However, VPS is separate for each client with individual dedicated resources. The cost of a virtual private server is higher than conventional hosting. 

The cost depends on the number of resources provided – RAM, disk space, and the number of cores in the processor. The main operating systems are windows and Linux. The type of operating system affects the speed and performance of the server and web resources. The operating system also determines the set of applications that can be installed and used to work. 

How to understand that a plan needs to be upgraded

If the site is constantly growing structurally, updated, and replenished, more resources are needed for its effective operation. Insufficient resources are indicated by signs:

  • Slowing down the work of the site.
  • Increase of traffic – growth of the number of visitors.
  • The need to use new, additional software products to promote business on the Internet or solve other problems. 

The need to improve security and privacy is also the reason for switching to a VPS. 

Reasons to choose Windows VPS

If you trade on the Forex market, Windows VPS will become an indispensable assistant in business development. The problems that traders face are Internet connection interruptions, low data transfer speeds, and downtime. To succeed in the currency exchange market, it is necessary to promptly receive information and transfer it. The work of the VPS server never stops, so transactions at the exchange can be performed around the clock. Protection of transmitted financial information is another reason to choose this hosting option. Five more reasons to choose Windows VPS are listed below. 

Set of applications for solving business problems

Most companies work in a Windows environment. Statistics show that more than 77% of users prefer this operating system. It is often pre-installed on computer devices and smartphones that go on sale. 

The developers of Windows software have provided for all the needs of entrepreneurs. The package of applications includes such tools as Microsoft Office, MYOB, and Quicken, which help to work with office documents, plan enterprise resources, and keep accounting. Windows VPS server is an opportunity to use all Microsoft software products without any obstacles. This is the best solution if your company’s daily work processes are based on Microsoft products. 

A user-friendly interface is another important advantage of Windows VPS. Intuitive icons, tabs, and terms make it easy to cope with daily work tasks. The Windows operating system is oriented toward the average user, unlike Linux, which was designed for professionals. A user who is familiar with the logic and operation of Windows OS will not have a problem setting up and managing a Windows VPS server. 


A VPS server is an intermediate option between regular shared hosting and a dedicated server. It is cheaper than a dedicated server. At the same time, the customer receives personal resources, which he or can manage at their discretion. A virtual private server is a scalable solution. Working on Windows VPS, you can adjust the characteristics of the server to the needs of a growing website. If necessary, you can increase resources like disk space and bandwidth without completely switching to a new plan or moving your hosting server. There is no need to buy a physical server, which will save the company money. As your website grows, you will only have to invest in your increased needs. 

Scalable performance

If a website has good performance, pages load quickly, which guarantees comfort for users and ensures their loyalty. VPS performance is not affected by other clients of the hoster, who rent a virtual private server on the same physical machine. As the needs of the site grow, you can use additional resources, and upgrade your current plan. A simple transition to a new package takes a minimum of time. If the business goes down for any reason, you can reduce technical resources. All changes are made without copying or transferring data, and no additional hardware is required. 


Security is one of the most important parameters of successful work on the Internet for individuals and companies. Businesses suffer losses due to the theft of financial data and information that belongs to trade secrets. On a VPS server, data is stored in a separate block. Access by third parties is impossible. In addition, if malicious software gets on the website of another hosting client, it will not affect the work of your virtual private server. Hackers who broke into the website of one of the hosting clients will not be able to access your VPS server and use the data stored on it. 

Thanks to root access, the client can choose advanced security settings for maximum protection of information from unauthorized viewing. For enterprises that are growing their business digitally, having an individual website IP address will be important. The result is increased security for transactions and other banking operations. The security level of VPS is comparable to the similar characteristics of a dedicated server. And that’s with less financial investment. 

Automatic data backup

A backup copy of the data placed on the site will prevent their irretrievable loss. The main advantage of backups is the quick recovery of data in the event of data loss, which can occur as a result of a hacker attack or system failure. If you have activated the backup feature, you can always use your website information even if you lose access to your machine. As part of using a VPS server, you can copy data manually or automatically. 

Other advantages of Windows VPS

A virtual private server with the Windows operating system is optimal for implementing large-scale marketing activities. It is an ideal solution if work requires the constant addition of new software products and applications. Microsoft constantly offers new solutions, which will allow you to optimize business processes and improve the efficiency of the enterprise. 

By choosing a Windows VPS server, you increase the profitability of your project, because you get more resources for less money (compared to a dedicated server, which costs about 5 times more expensive). Stable work of VPS is conditioned by network configuration. If the physical hardware on which the virtual private server is located crashes, the VPS is immediately restarted on another machine due to the availability of a backup. The website is available to users 24 hours a day. 

To work with maximum performance, a virtual private server needs a powerful platform – advanced physical hardware. Hosters who provide VPS rental services are interested in attracting customers. They usually buy the best equipment to provide customers with the best working conditions. 

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