What to include in your modern home office


Working from home has definitely become the new norm for the majority of office workers within the UK. Due to the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, employers have been able to establish a new work-from-home system that does work extremely well. This offers both benefits to the employer and employees. As office spaces have been reduced, lower rent and expenses are presented to the employer, and as well as this, the employee can work from the true comfort of their own home with fewer travel expenses and more free time from reduced travel.

To adequately work from home efficiently, we do still believe that an office space must be established. This must be minimal and up to date to maximise motivation and encourage you that you are still in work mode, even though you are at home. Below we will address some items that can be included in your modern home office space.  

Electric height adjusting desk 

Nothing screams modernized than an electronic desk. Why not ditch the old standard desk and incorporate a modern home office setup that provides you with the ability to adjust it depending on your preference? Quite often, office workers begin to get demotivated by sitting at a desk all day and a walk around the office or a walk on your lunch break is very much needed. However, when you reside in your own space all day, this can quite often be forgotten about, and due to the comfort of being in your own home, you can find yourself forgetting to take breaks or even taking a simple stretch of the legs.

With the push of a button, the height adjustable desk Australia means that you can push the chair aside and work on your feet from time to time. With a basic desk, this can still be done however, it will require hunching your back over, and that does not sound comfortable! Although height adjusting desks can often be on the pricier side, we have already checked out the web for you and found some for as low as £170, and when taken into consideration that isn’t much more than your average desk. 

Modernised technology

If you are an office worker, we obviously have assumed that you work from a computer or laptop device however, why not spice up the space with some additional technology. If your office space is large, opt for a smart TV. This can be mounted on a wall in the room and can be perfect for when you need to take breaks, catch up on some news, or perhaps even for some light background music to assist with concentration.

For any TV mounting assistance, click here. We know that it can be a long day in an office yourself so interactive devices really do help! Even try to incorporate an Amazon Alexa. This device is perfect for speaker use or even to ask Alexa any questions that are beneficial to your task at hand. Simply asking her questions will prevent you from googling it yourself, she is your very own office assistant! Always try to keep your smartphone or tablet at hand too. You never know when this could come in handy, especially as a form of communication to your boss or colleagues. 

Movable chair  

An appropriate and versatile chair is an important modern home office requirement, preferably one that adopts office chair castor features with the ability to roll across the floor. Although this is a strange statement to make, it can be pretty uncomfortable sitting down in the same spot for the full day, so having an office chair that allows you to glide around when you need to is always a bonus! Try to look for a chair that offers movable back and armrests, as this will only add to your level of comfort.

If your office space does reside at a kitchen or dining room table, we assume that you will be using the chairs in this area for using your laptop. Although this is practical as the seat is already there, the chairs that you sit on to have your dinner will not always serve the same purpose as an office chair and can be pretty uncomfortable in the long run. Even if this means that you need to invest in an office chair that can be pushed to the side when it is not needed, then we would advise doing so.  

Appropriate flooring  

To cooperate with a movable office chair, we would recommend that your modern home office incorporates flat style flooring such as wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring. Not only will this add an open and contemporary feel to the space, but it will also be much easier to maneuver around on. Not only will these types of flooring be functional, but, they will also look cleaner and will not attract as much mess and stains as carpets do. Try to avoid tiled flooring as this is textured and the grouted sections will allow for unstable movement, especially when moving around constantly in your chair.  

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