5 ways to manage your discord server

Like any other platform, Discord is the social platform that allows users to connect and communicate with other users all over the globe. Widely used by gamers, it has gained popularity in different sectors for its easy use, well-defined interface, and privacy features. Discord has begun introducing features to make it versatile and allow its implementation in other fields as well. 

So if you are new to the discord family, here is a compact guide to getting you started on server growth. 

1. How to set up a discord server?

If you are using a discord website or application, you can access all the features available for the free users. But for creating your server, you must use the available app to access features for the server.

Setting up a discord server is not a difficult task; you create your account and guide your way to the ‘+’ symbol that allows you to either create your server or join another server. By clicking on the Create server, you begin the process by naming your server, i.e., deciding the server subject to chat about. Additionally, you can add a profile picture for the server, and you are good to go. 

The profile picture is the thumbnail picture that allows you to distinguish between your server and the other similar servers.

You can also choose from the available templates, for example, gaming server, school club, study group, and the local community. In addition, the template allows you to select your privacy if you want it to be a private group available only to your friends or as a club/community where interested people can join anytime using the link. 

2. How to set up a community discord server?

  • Welcome screen: set up a welcome screen for newcomers, telling them about your server, so they know what your space is all about and feel welcomed to join the discussion and talk about their favorite topic. Guide them through the channels, so they are not lost. 
  • Announcement channels: you can reach the users on their servers if they “follow” your announcement channels and update them with important events and news. Through announcement channels, you broadcast stuff beyond your server. 
  • Stage channels: keep it interesting by asking the members to share audio messages and conversations by calling them up in front of 1000 people listening to the audio conversation. 
  • Membership/rules screening: the members interested in joining must agree to a set of rules and regulations regarding posting, messaging, and talking on the community server. 
  • Server insights: these are server statistics that allow you to judge the progress of your server, how many people, are they talking, the newest member participation, and so on. 
  • Server discovery: you can advertise your server right on Discord’s server discovery and do not need any other means apart from word of mouth. 

3. How to set up a private server?

Check if you are the owner/administrator for the server you are about to make private. First, you reach out to the settings, remove the privileges from everyone, and manually set up roles and permissions for the selected few members. 

  • Roles: roles are like the ranks you assign; they come with different privileges for operating on a definite server. You can customize the color of the name and place them higher than the others.  
  • Permissions: it is the permissions you give to the roles to operate. You control the access of users and the people who are assigned roles to different settings of the server, for example, banning and deleting the messages. 

When you create a role, you can assign them privileges as a cosmetic, member, moderator, manager, each with its own set of permissions and rules. After creating a role, you can click on it to further assign them what they can do by differing the role settings such as display, permissions, manage members. These settings allow you a level of security so that only the trusted members are given permission to make changes to the server members and content and messages posted on the server. 

4. How to get more users?  

Add your server to server listings: there are many listings that welcome the addition of your server name to it for advertisements and spreading the word. You can also ask the members to add to the listing and make people know about the server. Listings welcome tens of new server names, and hence you must make your description stand out and aim up to the topic. 

Outline your server aims: you must add an apt description that lives up to the name of your server, describe what your server is about: a study group, a community of gamers, the name of the game, and the specifics of your server. Finally, you must tell the viewer what they are getting from your group. 

Organize events: 

Add bots: bots make working and managing the group easy. There are entertainment bots that share memes and gifs to keep the group entertained and interactive. You can use different bots for your server. 

Keep your server active: occasional chatter and members sharing inside jokes are not how you retain members and grow your server community. Instead, you must pose open-end topic-related questions and initiate/encourage the members to speak and share. 

5. How to use bots to grow your server? 

Adding discord bots to grow your server and increase the time spent by the users on the server is a great way to encourage community bonding and keep the members coming back. 

Epic RPG: the text-based game allows the members to play, share loot, and have names on the game’s leaderboard. It is a competitive game with its own economy, dungeons, shops, and PvP combat. 

Rhythm: it is the music-focused bot that allows music beats from youtube, SoundCloud, twitch.

YAGPDB: Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot is precisely as it proclaims. It manages the server by creating roles, assigning them, and features like auto-kick, time ban, and so on.


With this guide, you will be able to make your way through the discord server and learn all the extra features via experience over a period. Make sure you log in daily and make the newcomers feel welcomed with good banter because inclusion is the key to growth. 

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