Advantages of some of the Altivar-61 Models


Here are the advantages of some of the Altivar-61 models, knowing that you can find more information about the Altivar 61 series on the MRO Electric website.

Advantages of ATV61HD11N4 

The power section, of this version, can be installed outside the enclosure. But how does this benefit the industrial setting? Well, installing the power section outside the enclosure hugely decreases the diffused shortcoming in the enclosure. When installed in this way, the maximum internal temperature inside the enclosure might attain an increased temperature. It can reach 60° without the need to decrease the drive current. To use this kind of fixation, make a hole and cut off the back part of the enclosure. This version uses the mounting accessory kit VW3A9504 that is found to install in very tough conditions (such as dust and dampness). The company offers a two years warranty with this drive.  

The company offers a two years warranty with this drive.

Advantages of ATV61HD22N4 

With this variable speed drive, you will benefit from the motor, the drive thermal protection, and the PTC thermal probe management. It provides the safety that is resistant to overloads and safety in opposition to over-currents in constant operation. A skip frequency function is available for the machine’s mechanical safety. The installation safety is provided through under load, overload, and zero flow detection. This section has several errors and flexible alarms to secure you.

Advantages of ATV61HD15N4 

This drive is used in many challenging environments. It provides many modular solutions that help to adjust to electrical installations and control systems. This driveline provides several areas of safety. It provides overload and overcurrent safety in a constant operation. Skip frequency function provides an alternative safety for a machine with no need for output stage rotation. It has several errors and customizable alarms to provide secure management. 

For the best application use, the drive provides logic and analog inputs and outputs that can be widened. How to widen these operations? It is possible to widen these features, that contain Modbus and CAN open protocols,  by using I/O expansion cards. The protocols offer the ability to enhance the efficiency of the control system. The multi-pump cards located inside got their I/O. This lets them operate management functions on the drive I/O and control the I/O on the extension cards. For example, the cards can use current, speed, and torque from the parameters of the drive. The ATV is only able to use two option cards at the same time.


This product is found for industrial applications. It is designed to help you decrease the cost of operations. It also boosts the effectiveness of the production kit. The product reduces 70% of energy if used ventilation applications, while it decreases to 50% in energy consumption for pumping applications.

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